About Me

Hello from beautiful New England!....My name is Linda and I welcome you to my  SEW WHAT blog where I post about all the things I love to do. Though the title of my blog implies that this is a sewing blog, I assure you that there is something for everyone here! 

I am happily married (34 years) and we have three beautiful daughters. My family is my biggest joy in life and I am very proud of them all.

I am also a dog lover! Our last two dogs have been rescues and have been the loves of our lives! If you are considering the addition of a dog to your family, please check out the many animals in shelters that are in need of homes. So many beautiful animals are destroyed daily and it breaks my heart. My own dog Ellie, was pulled from a shelter just narrowly escaping euthanasia. She is an incredibly loving companion.

I worked for many years doing bookkeeping, accounting and taxes but had to end my office/desk jobs due to some health related matters. I volunteered for several years with our local skating club, serving as bookkeeper for 1 year, Treasurer for 4 years and President for 2 years. My daughters participated in figure skating for over 21 years and my youngest continues to skate while attending college. I personally love the sport and I found it gratifying to watch so many skaters progress through our club's program.

I love to sew, craft and cook and I lie awake at night thinking about all the things I want to create. I love to shop in fabric stores, vintage and antique shops. I love upcycling and recycling....I really hope to inspire you to try something new! 

Kindly keep in mind that the content, including all photos in this blog belong to me. You may use snippets of my posts (and photos with permission) but please link back to my post, including my name and blog title. Under no circumstance may you copy, share or post photos of my family. Feel free to use my sewing and crafts ideas for your own personal enjoyment! Thank you so much for following proper blogging etiquette at all times.

....and last but not least, if we can all extend a little kindness to a stranger,  reach out to a friend or neighbor in need or simply brighten someone's day with a smile or compliment, the ripple effects can be endless.....

Have a nice day! :)