Thursday, March 28, 2019

Bunnies and More Bunnies

For about a two week period in February, bunnies were multiplying in my dining room. I had stuffed bunnies, unstuffed bunnies, bunnies with cottontails, bunnies without cottontails, pom poms in piles....well you get the idea.

These were way too much fun to make and the more they accumulated the more I wanted to make! Some were made from repurposed burlap curtains, others were made from a repurposed bedspread, and I made a few from painter's drop cloth. Then I added some vintage edgings, lace, bias tape, some flowers and of course their pom pom tails.

 I had a pair of lavender embellished bunnies that were shipped off to their new home in Florida. Truthfully, I wanted to hand deliver those bunnies as the weather here was not nice....

My favorites are the two cream colored bunnies in the back with the gathered vintage edging ruffles and pink and green ribbons! I made them oversized pom pom tails. I love how they turned out!

Not only are their tails oversized but they stuffed so nicely and are quite plump...... pleasingly plump I guess you could say!

They wear some pretty pale pink roses along with their pretty ribbons and ruffled collars.

These peachy bunnies are all stitched up in burlap and wear bias tape ribbons in two shades of peach and a darker peach (almost orange) checked ribbon. They have a vintage edging that appears to have been removed from either a pillow or table linen. Their cottontails are actually acrylic yarn pom poms.

These burlap bunnies are dressed in pink and cream with a mauve rose.

These lavender bunnies are the ones who flew south to Florida to escape the New England weather! Lucky rabbits!

These two missed the group shot but I dyed the pink one and gave her a wide laced collar, some vintage crocheted edging, a bow with  a two-toned pink flower and a multicolored pom pom tail. The black and white checked bunny has the same wide collar and flower and her bow is a white dot on black grosgrain ribbon and a wider pink ribbon with a scalloped edge.

I have several other bunnies cut out and I am hoping to find time to make myself a bunny or two or three for my Easter table too.

The inspiration behind creating these white bunnies was my love of white chocolate as a young child. Easter bunny knew that white chocolate was my preference and he would leave me one in my beautiful Easter Basket every Easter. I admired the bunny long before I had the heart to bite into it. Good memories! 

Well friends, have a nice weekend! I hope spring has sprung wherever you are!