Sunday, March 24, 2019

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Hello friends and Happy Spring! I don't know about you but I have had enough of winter and I am quite ready to shed bulky winter jackets, boots, chunky scarves and heavy socks! So I have been doing a little shopping for some spring clothing and I am beginning to put away some winter gear. Out with the old, and in with the new!

Since Valentine's Day I have turned my attention to creating some angel ornaments all decked out in some pretty spring colored fabrics. I had a great deal of fun creating these more dainty, feminine versions of my angels. I particularly love the lady in lavender!

I have created some coordinating tags so that they can be customized for various gift-giving events.

Then I reversed the fabrics and used the blue for the dress and the lavender on the top layer of wings. The bottom layer, which is hard to see in this photo is created from the pale blue.

.....and here is the trio! All decked out for spring!

The trio below is constructed from creative twist paper, cotton lace, some vintage lace and bias tape ribbon. It's been a while since I fashioned angels out of paper and the details added have certainly evolved over the past few years. These take a bit more time to construct than their predecessors but the extra time is time well spent.

These Paris-themed angels were a custom order and I was very pleased with the way they came together. This time I added some cotton doilies to the wings which I really liked so I added them to another pair of angels below.

I love the shade of light teal used in these angels. To add a bit more of the teal color, I used coordinating teal embroidery floss and ran some straight stitches through her vertical lace on her dress. I added the teal floss to her buttons as well.

Another tag that I created for Mother's Day....

She looked really pretty placed in a rag wreath!

......just another photo op here.....

This sweet angel is done up in pink roses....

...and last but not least.....

more roses, more pink......

Stay tuned for my new nautical-style angels--coming soon! ;)

Now I find myself leaning towards fact I've already stitched up a bunch of little vintage inspired bunnies which I will show you in another post......

.......and today I tried out a new recipe for crock pot Easter ham which was surprisingly delicious and very moist. It was so easy. I threw a few ingredients into the crock pot, added the ham, covered and cooked for seven hours. What is on your Easter menu? Do you prepare the same dishes year after year or do you switch it up a little?

Wishing you all a great week and a lovely spring!