Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Holiday Recap

Good afternoon friends! Like so many I have spoken to over the last few days, I am both sad and relieved that the holidays are behind us! We had so much fun hanging out with family on Christmas. I wish that part of the holiday could last longer! I also made a very conscious effort to listen to (and sing along with) my favorite, traditional Christmas Carols and Hymns because I enjoy it! So much of the time leading up to the holidays is exhausting. That is the part I am relieved to let go of! It takes a good long while before I can walk in to a store again after the holidays and I am not one of those that rushes out to purchase next year's trimmings on clearance.

I do love wrapping gifts and I try to do the wrapping as soon as it is purchased! I don't wrap anything that even looks remotely like a dog toy because my dog will assume it is hers and sneak it over to her chair and tear it open! She loves Christmas morning and is always the first one up. She lays next to her stocking until everyone is up and ready to open theirs. This year though, everyone slept in a bit so she meandered over to her stocking and gently removed one wrapped item from her stocking. She brought it over to the couch, jumped up on her blanket and opened it!

Prior to Christmas I was busy in Santa's workshop making ornaments for my shop. I will share a few.....

I think you get the idea. Some of these are new designs, and a few are oldies but goodies that I make year after year.

The new year rolled in for us without much pomp and circumstance though this year I did actually stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop. That does not generally happen. Earlier in the evening we did our usual dinner out and were home by 6:33 pm. I was in my new flannel jammies by 6:37 pm. I know, not terribly exciting.....but it was enough excitement for me!

Now I have moved on to sewing for Valentine's Day and well....I love Valentine's Day because  it is all about hearts and lace and all the colors and things I love to sew and sew with! These are may latest angels:

I added arms to my angels finally which opens up a whole world of possibilities! Why did I wait so long? Holding hearts is a good use of arms I think......;)

The black and white check angel was finished just last night. I have a few others cut out in both colors!

....and that is all for now except I would like to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! No resolutions for me either.....just focusing once again on last year's word....GRATITUDE! I try to wake up every day with a grateful heart....even when things are not so great!