Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Floral Straw Hat Redo

This is one of those projects that once completed, I regretted not taking a before photo. A friend of mine mentioned to me that she had a straw hat decorated with navy blue dried flowers, hanging on an inside door in her house. She told me that the flowers were looking old and faded but the hat was still just fine. She wondered if I could remove the old flowers and reuse the hat. She also said that she would like a shabby/vintage feel to it. Of course I was up for the project  but I knew I would not get to it until after the holidays. She gave me the hat and it was indeed very tired looking and in need of a lift. I removed the old dried flowers, the grosgrain bow and most of the Spanish moss but some moss remained because it was really glued on and I was afraid of tearing the hat.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do so I set out one afternoon cutting many circles from some sheer fabric in several different sizes. I also cut some from tulle and nylon lace. I made the flowers using the technique of melting fabric edges over a candle flame. There are many good how-tos on Youtube, Pinterest, etc. I have used this technique before and it creates such a pretty, romantic flower that is perfect for a project like this. If you want to learn the technique, search for a video on Youtube and watch it. I have watched many over the years and each time I watch, I learn something new. You must choose silky fabrics/synthetics or the flower will go up in flames. Don't ask me how I know!  I always make these over a small votive candle right next to the kitchen sink filled with water. I have also burned my fingers as the melting fabric can get very hot! NOT a project for kids!

In the photo above, you can see the large flower with the yellow pin holding the layers together. I made a bunch in various sizes and placed them all around the hat to get an idea of how many I was going to need. In the end, after much gluing,  I made a couple more flowers because I saw some slightly open spaces in the placement that really bugged me. Though I was not going for a totally symmetrical look, I did want a somewhat balanced look.

More flowers and more I added some small purchased flowers for color.

Then I began the process of gluing and adding some pearl centers....

The open space I mentioned is on the right side of the hat.

So I added a few more white flowers to fill in the open space.

A view of the other side....

The bow was made from a piece of lace that I purchased in a lot from an antique shop. It was the perfect length. I added a layer of the sheer fabric (that I used for the flowers) and a layer of tulle to the lace bow. Not only does the tulle support the lace bow so it doesn't get droopy but it adds the loveliest shabby/romantic/vintage touch to the hat as well.

,,,,and here is is all wrapped up and ready to go back to its home and place on the door.....because when all is said and done, "home is where you hang your hat."