Monday, August 27, 2018

Bar Harbor--Part 1 and Meeting Vee

Hello friends! It's been a while since my last post. I promise to do some serious catch up reading on all of your posts. I know I have missed so much! I haven't forgotten any of's just been a very busy and eventful summer! We recently returned from a vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine. We had a wonderful week, meeting up with family in Portland the first day and then heading north to Bar Harbor where we shopped, hiked, rock climbed, ate lots of lobster, went sailing on a schooner, and just enjoyed the beautiful sights that abound in the area.

I'll be sharing some of my photos of Bar Harbor in two posts and not all will be in chronological order, so I hope I do not confuse you.

This photo was taken as we were arriving in Bar Harbor! It was a beautiful day!

So pretty.....

Yes there was lots of fog, and sometimes it prevented us from seeing certain views but
in many cases it only enhanced the beauty of the island.

This is the path one takes to see Bar Island. The island is almost completely covered in fog. The path is passable only during low tide so this was obviously not the day to cross. I found it so interesting that there is a sign that warns people to make sure they plan on getting back before the tide rolls in, otherwise you are stuck there until the next low tide. The sign further states that you can hire a water taxi to come get you for $100 but it can take an hour to get to you! They didn't have to warn me twice....I can tell you that!

We returned the next day at low tide to walk across the sand bar.

Another beautiful, sunny day and low tide!

We can't see where we are headed due to the fog, but the island is over there somewhere!

Once we reached the island, we walked around some and the we sat on a log for a few minutes, absorbing the beautiful view. There are hiking trails on Bar Island but we were scheduled for a schooner cruise later and did not have time to hike.

Still soaking it all in.....

Next we headed over to the docks for our sunset sail....

I do have a photo with all the sails up but when I edited my photos I could not find it!

I've never seen weather change so quickly! We were just at Bar Island with blue skies and sun. Here it is very cloudy but the sun is trying to peek through.

LOL! I should've turned my phone sideways...

It was a beautiful cruise on the ocean. Blue skies are appearing again!

The fog rolled in pretty thick and prevented us from seeing the sunset. But that's OK! It was still so pretty and it's always thrilling for me to be out on the ocean! I love it!

Bad hair day.....(for me)

It was a wonderful time! We met the nicest couple on the ship and they brought their sweet dog along for the ride. He was super friendly and we enjoyed his company!

Stay tuned for Part 2. I will save photos of what was supposed to be a very leisurely walk for another post....Right now I want to skip ahead a bit.....

On the way home, we stopped for lunch in Freeport, Maine where I met Vee who blogs at A Haven For Vee. I had been hoping for this meeting for several months. Let me back up a bit.....

Last fall, Vee very kindly contacted me by email to inquire whether or not I would be interested in two vintage wedding gowns. She knows that I love to create things from vintage materials and lace as we have followed each others blogs and IG for quite some time. Of course I said yes please! I offered to pay for them as well as the cost to ship them but she declined. When the boxes arrived I was elated! There were two gowns and two veils--one of the veils was cathedral length and edged in a beautiful wide lace! Yards and yards of wide lace.....Of course I was in heaven as I envisioned creating a host of angel ornaments all dressed in luxurious lace!!!! I immediately knew the first angel made from a wedding gown would be for Vee! 

Then my dilemma .......every time I pulled out the gown to begin her angel, I could not cut into it. I tried many times over several months!  If there had been a tear in the fabric somewhere it would've eased my pain in making that first cut. But there was no tear to be found. The only imperfection I could find was a small stain on one dress so I made my first cut into that dress. 

It took two tries to get the angel just right for Vee. The first attempt was not turning out quite right and I abandoned it before it was completed. Some time had lapsed and I decided to give it another whirl. This time it all came together easily and I really liked the way that I attached the lace to the body. Angel success! 

So with the angel finally completed, I needed to get it to Vee. I could have mailed it but I really wanted to hand deliver it and meet and treat this very kind and thoughtful woman who went out of her way to mail a complete stranger a box full of wedding gowns and veils!! When my husband suggested we head to Bar Harbor on my birthday I contacted Vee right away and asked her if she would be interested in meeting for lunch. I knew she lived in the state but did not know that it would be so convenient. We met for lunch in a town that was just off the interstate for us. 

It was wonderful meeting her. We chatted, laughed, ate some yummy pizza, exchanged gifts, took a few photos and hugged goodbye. Just as I expected, she is warm, kind-hearted and genuine. Following her blog, I have always been drawn to her wisdom, her sense of humor (sometimes with tongue in cheek) and her down to earthness. She was all of these things-- the real deal. What you read and what you see is indeed what you get. I think I smiled all the way home!

My sweet basket of gifts from Vee...a lovely vintage hankie, a large crocheted doily, some chocolate covered blueberries, (yum) , pretty ribbon and buttons and more in a pretty, pale aqua basket....thank you so much Vee!

I hope she likes the angel that I made from the wedding gowns. As it turned out I used lace, fabric and buttons from both gowns. I removed some little doo dads from one of the veils to attach to the halo as well as some fabric covered buttons to put on the front of her dress. Finally, I covered a tag in fabric from the dress and stitched on it the sentiment "Blessings" .........and I wish her many! If you would like to read Vee's version of our meeting, hop on over to her blog, Vee's Post .

Meeting Vee was such a pleasure! 

That's all for now friends! Thanks for stopping by!