Saturday, April 28, 2018

A Bird in a Nest

Hello friends and welcome spring! I think it is now safe to assume that spring has finally arrived in our neck of the woods! Yeah! It seemed like a long, cold winter of endless snowstorms and though we still have some cooler temperatures sticking around, it will be hitting the 80's by Wednesday! No gradual warm up that's for sure but I am not complaining! Bring it on!

I have not been able to blog in the last several weeks but I actually did begin this post on April 15th and never finished it. Life has just been very busy, but a good busy and hopefully after the next week or so, things will calm down a bit and I will have more time for my blog. I have so much reading to catch up on......

I started this wreath a few weeks ago and ran out of flowers so it has been sitting on my table unfinished. It was really getting in my way....I finally hung it on my door to get it off the table while I work on the finishing touches. It's a gift and I want it just right. I was looking to create a kind of wild flower effect and at first it was mostly white but then I added some yellow and really liked it.

I love blue jays and the person I made this wreath for is also fond of them. Blue jays have spunk and they are fiercely protective of their young. I respect that. Once you have been dive bombed by a momma jay you don't forget it!

Many years ago we had a nest of blue jays in some pine trees on the side of our yard. The babies got too big but were not yet flying and they all fell out of their nest. They were incredibly plump, with downy, fluffy feathers and so cute! They were hopping all over our lawn and I happened to be outside with our dog and apparently too close for mama's comfort. Mama jay came after us and it was an experience I will never forget. After I took the dog inside, I came back out and sat on the front steps. Momma jay seemed okay with that until her babies came hopping over to me. She started her little dive bombing routine again but this time she brought some back up. I think it must have been her mate!

Did you know that blue jays mate for life? I love that!

I added some twinkle lights as you can see. I hid the battery box in the nest but need to get some more spanish moss to fill in the nest so I can hide the box and wires.

So this is what I have been working on here and there....among all the other things that have been going on. It was also the Tea Cup Exchange (Stephanie organizes it and blogs at The Enchanting Rose. ) I received the loveliest package containing my teacup last Sunday and I sent my package of goodies out on Tuesday.  The contents will all be revealed sometime in May when Stephanie hosts her usual roundup after everyone has sent and received their packages. It is always so much fun! I've been enjoying my new tea cup and tea! More on that later.....

Enjoy the rest of the weekend friends! We have sun! I hope you do too!