Thursday, November 8, 2018

My October to November Blur

As I have stated plenty of times since I began blogging, the fall season is my favorite time of year. This year, though, it is passing me by at warp speed and I somehow missed my favorite tree in the backyard turn from green to glorious gold. Usually my yard boasts the most beautiful gold and red foliage, but my yard did not strut its usual splendor this year at all. While raking I realized that many leaves on the ground were still green. Hmmmm......stranger still, even at this later date, many green leaves are still on some trees.

October is always a very busy time of year and all but one weekend was committed to events, a family gathering, our anniversary and our little weekend getaway to celebrate our anniversary. My husband has a Halloween birthday so the kids all came home to celebrate. It was a busy, full month.

I also began a new treatment for migraine. (the one without side effects) Well, I lost an entire week to a litany of "no side effects."  So October has simply flown by and here it is already nearly Thanksgiving. I have got some serious catching up to do!

In my spare time I added some new items to my Etsy shop for fall: some new angels, tea accessories, zipper bags, etc. I made some half-moon zipper bags, or to put it more accurately, half-luncheon plate and half-dinner plate zipper bags. I created the pattern by tracing around two sizes of plates!

They make a cute pair! Zippers coordinate nicely.....

....more matching zippers....

and more....note the neat zipper pulls!

(I made this one for me)  How is it I have zippers for every fabric?

Well, I acquired a very large stash of vintage zippers and by very large I mean they were stored in a person-sized pine box. I filled 3 large tote bags with zippers and took them home to sort by color, size and to wash. I have done 4 loads of zipper laundry! It has been a lot of fun sewing with them but now I will have to put on my creative hat to come up with an idea to use them all!

Some of the whites already washed....

Sorting of colors....a fraction of the colors and shades of colors.....

I was very excited to score this collection of zippers. I look forward to putting them all to good use!

I have also started to create some Christmas items. Here is my newest star ornament....I am using words from some of my favorite Christmas carols and stitching them onto burlap and twill fabric tags and attaching to the stars. These are so much fun to make. I just love working with creamy fabric, lace and ribbons! Puts me right in my happy place!!!

I found an enormous collection of lace at one of my favorite vintage shops, so I have lots to choose from.

 I have a bunch of these cut out in various fabrics!

This was the first one I created. Some randomly placed buttons make a simple but cute embellishment.

I added bits of lace and cotton edgings to this one to accentuate the points of light.

The ribbons and lace are cut generously.

The gold wired ribbon gives them a "shooting star" look. They would look sweet hanging from a tree, or shelf and I tried one on for size in my ivory rag wreath and it was very cute!

I've got to get going as I have some food prep to do for a gathering tomorrow night. The thing is I don't have the food purchased yet that I am prepping so I've also got some errands to run. I'm doing easy appetizers but need beverages, cups, and some ingredients that I don't have on hand.

So friends, have a wonderful weekend! I will be spending some time popping in on my blogging friends over the next couple of days to see what you have all been up to.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Fall Stuff and Bar Harbor--Part 2

Happy Fall (almost)!!!!! I may be a few days early but I really can't contain my excitement any longer. In my mind, it is fall! Time for pumpkins, apple cider, baking pumpkin bread, picking get the picture!

Before I get to posting the rest of my photos from Bar Harbor, I thought I would share some fall sewing I did over the past couple of weeks. I had some fat quarter bundles in pretty fall metallic prints and I couldn't wait to sew with them. I decided to make a burlap tote bag and some zipper bags.

I really enjoyed working with these prints! It was a nice combination of cute small prints/florals and larger, bold florals. 

These are the smaller zipper bags.

These are the larger size.

From the scraps, I constructed this little harvest angel....well, I loved her so I made another!

I got to thinking they might look really cute in my rag wreath....

and they do!

So now I hope I can put enough scraps together to make myself one. These are for my Etsy shop.

I also made a couple styles of zipper bags from a paisley fabric I had. The largest one has a flat bottom and stands up. The others are flat. I love this fabric too--especially the colors!

Lastly, I made three more angels out of burlap and blush pink lace. 

I added pink strips of tulle to the wire hanger just to try something a little different. I am happy with  the results!
I've been working on some other items trying to get my ETSY shop ready for the holidays which will be upon us very soon. Time is just flying by.....

Bar Harbor--Part 2

As I promised in my previous post, I am sharing some photos of hikes we took while staying in Bar Harbor.

There are so many pretty views along the sides of the road and they all begged us to pull over and take photos!

These pretty wild roses were everywhere and the scent was wonderful! I had to stop several times to smell the roses! ;)

I was standing under this tree and kept feeling large drops of water falling on my head. I looked up and examined the needles more closely and if you look, especially near the top of the photo you will see why I kept feeling drops of water! The needles were all dripping! It hadn't rained, although it was very humid and misty. I cannot explain the science behind that very wet tree. The other trees were not dripping!

Another pretty view that we pulled over to see...

We drove up Cadillac Mountain and because it was such a misty, moisty morning, we could not see the magnificent view. Sigh....this is the summit and as you can see we were pretty fogged in.

This little guy was flying a bit too close to my head and he did not seem to be too friendly! He was moving too fast to center him in the photo! Is he giving me a dirty look?

As we headed down the mountain, we pulled over to snap a few photos. The fog was lifting.

It was so pretty! Photos just don't do it justice.

Next, we headed to the park to take an easy hike in the woods. In the end, it turned out to be anything but easy....but it was an adventure!

Along the path I saw this pitiful tree. It needed a hug if ever a tree did need a hug. I hugged it! I  read an article fairly recently that claimed trees actually have a heartbeat. I have always loved trees but I look at trees much differently now. I think this one may have needed more than a maybe CPR. 

While we were walking we could hear the pounding surf so we took a slight veer off path (BIG MISTAKE) and headed towards it.

It was misty again but eerily beautiful as we got closer to the water.

I loved this spot. No people, just the two of us, lots of fresh air, and the sound of waves hitting the shore.

I really wish it had been less foggy. It was very warm and so humid!

We looked to the left and saw a stairway that we assumed would lead us back to our path. It led us to a path alrighty, but it was not our path. Remember our path was an easy hike.....

We walked up the stairs....

Which led to more stairs......

and then this....which does not look like an easy path at all....and it wasn't.....

The beach that we had visited is way down there......we kept walking....or rather climbing....

I kept thinking how glad I was that I had bought new sneakers because they had a great tread that kept me from slipping and sliding. I had capris on because I wasn't planning on going on a rock climbing expedition. It was hard climbing in them. I don't know why I didn't think to roll them up above my knee. I think I was a bit stressed that we took the wrong trail and couldn't find our way back to our easy trail. My husband also has very bad knees--they don't bend, which is a problem going up or coming down steep rocks. Some places were straight up!

Looking down at the rocks we just climbed. 

Got to the top, looked at the view and headed down.....

.....realizing we were not heading in the right direction....we ran into a group of really nice hikers who stayed close to us for a while because I think they were concerned that we were lost. I guess we were lost because we were not headed in the right direction and had no clue how to get back to our trail or the parking lot. It was also getting a bit late. I was starving and I didn't bring snacks...because who needs snacks on an easy walk???? I did bring a big bottle of water, thankfully!

Finally a woman stopped and gave us her trail map. It was better than the map we had. We described the parking lot that we had left our car at and she assured we would end up back where we parked.

A pretty vista along the way....

I had to take a panoramic view of this spot....

Anyways, we made it back to the car. Phew....we did end up finding where the "wrong" trail met up with the "easy" trail. It wasn't marked well at all. The sign did not have an arrow on the front of the sign pointing to the trail we started on. It was actually on the back of the sign. Who looks on the back of a sign? 

I would love to do the wrong trail again with proper gear. We both really enjoyed the rock climbing part but knowing we had taken the wrong trail and not knowing what was ahead was a little disconcerting. As I said earlier, it was an adventure! We left the park and headed back into town for dinner. I had lobster of course!

We loved our stay here and plan to go back to do more hiking.

Well, I am going to call it a night....We are still having very warm and humid weather. I don't mind warm but I am really over the humidity. I think that is why fall is so appealing to me: cooler temperatures, dryer air! Of course, I shouldn't be complaining because others are dealing with weather that is far worse. My thoughts and prayers are with the people who are in the path of Hurricane Florence.

Goodnight friends!