Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I'm Going to Need Another Tea Cup Shelf -- Tea Cup Exchange: Fall 2017

It may not appear that I could possibly need one more tea cup to add to my collection....but the truth is I always have my eye open for another pretty cup that I cannot live without. By now I also have a fair number of family and friends who keep their eyes open for me and of course I joyfully participate in Stephanie's (The Enchanting Rose) Tea Cup and Mug Exchange each and every time! So my collection has outgrown my fairly new tea cup shelf already and I am on the prowl for another...

The latest addition to my shelf is this sweet little white and gold snowflake tea was true love the moment I set my eyes on it!!!

It was gifted to me in the latest tea cup swap by Tanya who blogs at Timeless Romantic Designs . She visited my blog "undercover" and discovered our common interest/passion for figure skating and put together a box full of lovely surprises in the skating and snowflake theme. 

So many treasures were packed into this box....the pretty tea cup of course, a figure skating ornament along with some fabric with skates and snowflakes. I have seen several skating themed fabrics before but it is very difficult to find skating fabric where the skates actually look like genuine figure skates. This fabric is the cutest skating fabric I have ever seen! (and the skates look genuine!)

My package also included some Snowflake Tea! It has coconut in it and it is absolutely wonderful! It is definitely dessert without the calories and a nice treat in the evening!  Tanya included a tea strainer and it works like a charm. I also received some snowflake buttons, they are darling and I can surely put them to use in my sewing and craft projects! There was a pretty black and gold journal with some tags tied up in ivory tulle, Also tied up in the ivory tulle to the left in this picture is a package with a pink snowball cupcake. That was definitely a trip down Memory Lane for me. I don't think I have had one of these since elementary school! I shared it with my husband! ;)  There was also a white chocolate candy bar and a packet of white hot chocolate mix--delicious and long gone!!! There was also the neatest combination coloring book/planner, all tea themed and since I have recently become a doodling, coloring fanatic I already had all the pencils and markers I needed. Now I can polly wolly doodle all day....and color!

I just love this little snowflake tea cup with its beautiful luster finish. I had taken a photo of the saucer with the little snowflake on it but I cannot locate where it went in the downloading process. So I will send you to Tanya's post HERE as she has posted a perfect photo of the saucer.

Thank you so much Tanya for my beautiful package of skating and snowflake themed goodies. Not only was it so generous and beautifully put together, it was also thoughtfully customized to a common interest and I appreciate the time it took to find these special items! Heartfelt thanks!!! I hope to read a future post on your blog that you have dusted off your skates and returned to the ice!

The recipient of my package is Jocelyne who blogs at Miss Jo's Shabby Life. She likes roses and white decor and chocolate so I picked out a rose tea cup for her,  stitched her up a little white zipper bag with lace, included some pretty white linens, and some pretty floral napkins, and added a few locally made items: chocolate from our local candy store, some maple syrup and honey. I also included a set of three mercury glass tea light holders and some handcrafted soap and scrubbies.

As usual, it has been a pleasure meeting two more women bloggers who share so many common interests. I will be checking in on them via blog land! So many thank you's to Stephanie who pours her heart into this exchange and makes all of these friendships a possibility!

Please visit Stephanie's blog to read her latest REVEAL POST which highlights the many tea cup and mug packages that were exchanged by those without blogs as well as links to posts by bloggers who participated in the swap. That is where it all began for me. I read her REVEAL post a few years back when I was just starting out as a blogger and decided to join. I've been doing it and loving it ever since! It will never lose it's charm....

....which is why my tea cup shelf now looks like this....I even have a few more tea cups that because of their slightly larger size, do not fit. I am now in search mode for another tea cup shelf.....

I am looking forward to seeing all the new tea cups and mugs that were may take a while because over 200 people took part in this exchange from all over the world....Amazing!