Thursday, June 1, 2017

It's June! What Happened to May?

Happy June friends! I can't really believe we have begun another month. I have to say that May flew by so quickly and it just hit me today! I suppose when four weekends are completely booked in any month, it can seem like a short month. We were out of town for three weekends in May. We celebrated my son-in-laws birthday in Boston (what fun) and we spent two weekends back-to-back in Newport, RI for my youngest daughter's college graduation. (so amazing) We also moved her into an apartment. (happy/sad/maybe a few tears)

This week I have been focusing on getting back to normal and replenishing some stock for my ETSY shop. I was nearly out of my bookmarks that use graphics printed on fabric and lots of lace. I had recently found a good selection of vintage laces and edgings and I was dying to put them to use. I worked on this series of bookmarks you see pictured above and it was so enjoyable putting them together. Plus it just felt so darn good jumping back in the saddle. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride!!!

Since I had so many new laces and edgings, I layered them on at the top and bottom.

I especially love the crocheted edgings. I love that someone actually takes the time to remove them from pillows, linens etc and then they sell them all tied up in little bundles. If I see them in antique shops, I grab them!

More lace and edgings at the bottom...

I constructed these bookmarks on my back porch where I have set up my sewing machine since warmer weather has arrived. I have constant "help" and companionship whenever I sew on the back porch because my sweet dog Ellie, loves to join me there.

As you can see she certainly is one huge pile of help! She was out like a light and actually snoring! She loves to sleep on the wicker love seat! I love having her around even when she gets under foot. After all, my nest has become rather empty......sigh.....

Well friends, that's all for today hoping to spend some time catching up with my blogging friends over the next couple of days. Being away for the past month has made me grateful that I can still follow many of you around on social media and not be completely out of the loop. It's been a very busy month for many of us! See you soon! Have a lovely weekend too!