Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Stephanie's Tea Cup and Mug Exchange Reveal

Another tea cup/mug swap has concluded and today is the day of the big reveal!  Be sure to visit Stephanie's blog the Enchanting Rose HERE  to see all the treasures that have been exchanged during this most recent swap.

I must thank Stephanie once again for her dedication of time and effort in putting this wonderful swap together. After participating quite a few times in past swaps, it has become an event that I truly look forward to each and every time. It is such a joyful event! Thank you very much Stephanie!

My package arrived one late afternoon/early evening and I didn't even know it! It was well into the evening when my husband happened to go out onto the front porch to lock the doors for the night. He happened to notice the package sitting on the porch floor! So I was very surprised when he announced that my package had arrived!

My lovely package was sent by Laura who blogs at Decor to Adore.  I read her little hand stamped note card before I tore into my box of treasures. I always enjoy the notes that accompany each package. It's a nice way to learn a little about your exchange partner.

Inside was this pretty tea cup! Isn't she lovely? Lots of pretty pink flowers, dainty and delicate! It is a beautiful addition to my collection!

Look at all the goodies that came with it! There are marcaroons, lemon tea, some pretty floral napkins, flower seeds, washi tape, painted wooden clips and some glitter.....sweet!

I have had lemon herbal tea before but never this lemon tea. It is delicious! It is not at all tangy as I expected it would be. It is lightly lemon, very soothing and oh so good! I had two cups the first night....

and maybe even just one macaroon.....YUM!

Thank you very much Laura for this beautiful package! It was a delightful surprise when it arrived and it was a perfect way to end the day! (A very high note indeed!)


The recipient of my package is Janice who blogs at Curtains in my Tree. She collects lots of blue and white so I went on a hunt for a blue and white teacup. I see them often in my you think I could find a blue and white teacup just because I happened to be looking for one? You know the answer! 

Finally, the next day I visited an antique shop just a few miles out of town. There was one blue and white teacup with a matching dessert plate.  I really liked it too!  

I packaged it all up and sent it on its way........

Here's what I included in Janice's package.... this tea cup, saucer and dessert plate. I found the embroidered set of 4 napkins at another antique shop in my hometown. They coordinated so well.

I included some decaf tea, clover honey spoons, some vintage lace....

.......a salted caramel chocolate bar and some Godiva chocolate covered biscuits. You can read more about Janice's package here.

Thank you Laura for your lovely package. My new tea cup looked so pretty on my Easter dinner table. I used all mismatched cups!

Thank you also to Janice for your kinds words on your blog and for being such a gracious recipient!!!

Thank you again Stephanie. This swap puts a big smile on my face every time I participate and this swap was no exception. In fact, I've already got a big smile on my face just thinking about the next one in the fall! I imagine there were nearly a couple hundred other smiling faces too! New friends and new tea can never have too many of either!!!