Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tea Cups Are On My Mind

It must be that time again (Stephanie's Tea Cup Swap--Read all about it here!) because I have been thinking a lot about tea cups. About a week ago, while my middle daughter was visiting for a few days, we stopped by one of my favorite antique shops. We didn't have much time as she had an appointment but it only took me a couple of minutes to snatch up these two sweet little cups. They were only $2.00 each! I have many tea cups with roses on them so I knew both would look nice in my collection.

You may have noticed that pretty little rose tray underneath the cups. One of my friends surprised me with it for Christmas. It's so pretty!

You might be wondering why all of these cups are sitting on my dining room table. Well, I took them out of my hutch to wash, But mostly, I took them all out just to look at them!

The cup in the front (right) has no markings on it so it's a no name tea cup yet it is one of my favorites.

Here's a better photo of it. Isn't it pretty?

Some of these cups are from prior tea cup swaps. 

.......which brings me to Stephanie's Tea Cup and Mug Swap! It's her 10th one!!! I am all signed up and really looking forward to receiving the name and address of the next lovely lady that I will be sending a tea cup package to. Let the swap begin.....and many thanks to my friend Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose. She is so kind and generous to arrange all of this for us. I am very grateful! Thank you Stephanie!

The Enchanting Rose