Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Rags to Riches

I call this my rags to riches wreath! I love wreaths made up of either torn fabric strips or pinked fabric strips and they add such a homey touch to the home. This particular wreath is ivory 100 per cent cotton fabric with nylon tulle and lace. The bow is wide vintage lace I picked up at a favorite antique shop.

I started it one evening about a week ago but this is as far as I had gotten. So night before last I decided it was time to start working on it again until it was finished.

Sitting on the couch in front of the television, I began....one knot after another......

Yesterday morning I began again here....it was starting to look like something.....

I added some tulle and lace which gave it some texture and interest and I love the look....

My couch, my dining room and I were covered in fabric lint, threads etc and as I trimmed up pieces that look a bit too long I had little tiny pieces of fabric everywhere! Even my black dog was covered in ivory lint.  It was well worth the effort and the mess though. At the moment it is hanging on a door in my back hallway but I have not decided where its final hanging place shall be. If I leave it on the door I am going to have to make another because just to the left of that door is another door! It could end up in either my living room or dining room....who knows?

What else have I been up to? I stitched up this sweet little tea wallet and pair of coordinating mug mats.

I used the leftover fabric scraps to make an angel ornament....

Then if you recall I made a Paris pillow a couple of weeks ago and planned to make some more....here they are:

They don't have hangers yet....

But they each have their own tags....

I may make each hanger a little differently....

Here you can see all the pretty various laces I used....

I love lace....bet you hadn't noticed.....

Then I ran quickly into my local antique shop last Monday and I found these beautiful tea cups. I should have walked right by them because my very large tea cup shelf is full.....but I loved them and they were dirt cheap and in mint condition....  Bargain!.... I know, right?

The matching saucers are very pretty too! I have been sipping tea from these beautiful cups all week!

What have you been up? Hope you are enjoying some beautiful summer weather! It started out cloudy this morning but turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny day! I am loving it!


  1. You have been lost in a world of busy prettiness, Linda. Your concoction of a wreath is so delicious overbrimming with gorgeous lace, and the pillows and angel are a delectable vision. Six teacups and matching saucers, you were lucky. How lovely to sip tea from these pretties all week.

  2. Oh what beauties you've created, Linda! I just love that fluffy wreath, and your tea wallet, mat, angel, and your sweet pillows. My did you ever score big time with the teacups!! You could save one for the next teacup exchange, if you can bear to part with one. They're all so pretty.
    Happy creating this week!

  3. Loving all those lacy things!! Lucky you to find not one but four pretty tea cups!! Is there a pattern around for the tea holder? Nancy

  4. Linda, you have so many pretties you have made. I adore the wreath. I have tons of lace on rolls that someone gave to me stashed away. I could make me a wreath. Great idea. I love the tea wallet and I guess I have never seen one of heard of such. What a neat idea. Thanks for sharing all of your pretties. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Oh Linda, your creations always make me swoon {{smiles}} I just love your sweet touches of lace and feminine charm. I have seen wreaths similar to the one you made and have always wanted to make one as well, but I simply haven't found the time to sit and actually do it. Someday..... :)

    And your tea cups....just gorgeous! Hugs to you!

  6. That is a stunning wreath!

    As soon as I read your last post I texted my sister and told her about the procedure you had for your headaches. I was so surprised to hear back from her that she had gone the day before and had the very same thing! I do hope it continues to bring both of you much relief.

  7. Linda this wreath is so pretty. Love it. The tea cups are a gorgeous collection too. Have a great rest of the week.

  8. Oh my goodness that wreath is just Gorgeous!! I love that you used different fabric textures in it, really gives it a lovely feel to it and pretty find with the bow! Your mat and tea wallet are lovely and with your sweet angel it makes a lovely set that's for sure! Your pillows are wonderful too! Good to see your enjoying the tea cups, it is hard to pass up dirt cheap :)

  9. Dearest Linda,
    you never fail to amaze me and touch my heart with your so lovely artworks, thank you for sharing, and thank you for sharing also your 'new' tea cups, they're such goodies, I wouldn't be able and choose one of them, they're all so, so beautiful !

    Wishing you a most lovely day today, and weekend ahead,
    I'm sending hugs, love and blessings on your way

    XOXO Dany

  10. I don't think I've ever seen such a pretty wreath! You're very takented Linda!


  11. Hi Linda, Everything you touch turns to gold my friend. I love the rags to riches wreath and I can appreciate the work involved having designed many myself. I love the pinked edge you did with the rags. Love your sweet tea wallets and the mug rugs are gorgeous. Every bit of lovely using that fabric right down to the adorable angel. She is so sweet. I can understand not passing on those beautiful tea cups. They are stunning and the designs and patterns so pretty.
    Wishing you a great Friday and weekend ahead. I hope the headaches have stayed away too.
    Blessings and many joys be yours my friend. xo

  12. OOH! Squeals from me... lol! LOVE love love your fabric wreath! I've got scraps of material that need a new use, and you have just inspired me! What a beautiful wreath you created, and I know you will find the perfect home for it! Your talented hands are always find new and wonderful things to craft and create, I'm always inspired by your work! Hope you have had a wonderful summer! Ours has been great, passing too quickly, my maple leaves are already turning, and my garden is in harvest-time mode, lots of preserving going on. Happy to stop in for a visit, have missed you! I think of you often when I write in my journal you gave me in the teacup exchange, and am looking forward to the next one coming up... oh, and I LOVE your new teacups, they are so hard to resist! Happy hugs to you dear friend :)

  13. What a beautiful post . . . I love everything. I have seen many rag wreaths but never one that looked so elegant. Love your pillows and Paris cloth tags, too. Why did it take me so long to find your gorgeous blog. I am your newest follower.
    Connie :)
    P.S. I hope you'll come visit, my welcome mat is always out.

  14. So many beauty here!!!My passion are teacups and those are fabulous!Your sews are just lovely and romantic...Congrats!

  15. Beautiful!! I want to make one very soon, but as you said the lint was even on the dog LOL
    We made rag dolls years ago and that was a mess...