Friday, June 30, 2017

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Good morning friends and happy Friday! Hope you are all well and enjoying some summer weather and activities! It's a tad dreary here today but after the day I had yesterday complete with a headache from hell, the lack of bright sun is a good thing for me today!

Today's post is titled You win some you lose I'll begin with the win!

You may have noticed my teacup shelf above! ;)  I have been hunting for one of these for over a year. I have found a few that have been refinished in various shops but always in the wrong color. I have added my name to  call lists in shops that told me they would call me if they got one of these shelves in. No calls!

So one morning as I headed out on a junkin' trip with a friend, I told her my main mission was to find a teacup shelf and that was really the only item I was interested in! We arrived at our favorite shop (about an hour's drive) and walked in the front door. As I turned my head to the left, I saw this shelf sitting up quite high on a display and I really could not believe my eyes. We looked at it, the price was right, $40, but it was so large. I wasn't quite sure if it was too wide for the spot I had in mind in my dining room. We both agreed I should grab it so luckily the woman that owned the booth was standing right there and she got it down for me and put it up on the front counter so I wouldn't have to lug it around.

Mission accomplished!!!

Now the only problem was that we can easily spend 3 hours in this particular shop and I found the item I was looking for in the first minute.....hmmm, what to do with the 2 hours and 59 minutes left?????

Well, I found these two little beauties and as you can see, they came home with me. You can even see them sitting on the shelf. These dessert sets were in a locked case marked 40% off so I could not resist!

This set, marked Haviland, Limoges, France, is so pretty. Though it isn't my typical, edged in gold teacup, I fell in love with it and knew I had to add it to my collection.

I love the dainty floral print and scalloped edges. The shape of the teacup is sweet as well.

Then there was this dreamy teacup and dessert plate! I love the aqua color and the pink roses! It's Victorian Bone China, England.

I am going to use these! In fact, I have already used this one!

The last thing I grabbed at this shop was this pretty platter and set of four dessert plates because it was a clearance item and only $5.00 for the 5 pieces. How could I resist?

I don't think I bought anything else that day but I was so very happy with my teacup shelf purchase! I was not sure if I should paint it or leave it as I found it. The stained finish is beautiful and in excellent condition and I do have other dark wood in my dining room. So for now, I will leave it, as I found it in all it's glory!

Now for the lose......

So yesterday I was finishing up some final touches on this bag (made using Janice Pope's 2 hr Purse Pattern) that I had stitched up the night before for my ETSY shop and I decided to do one last ironing job as it had gotten a little wrinkled after sewing the button on.

I should have left well enough alone....truth be told I probably should not have even gotten out of bed yesterday morning. In the middle of the night I felt some familiar twinges of pain in my neck which usually signals me to get out of bed immediately, go downstairs and grab an ice pack and sit on the couch till the pain subsides. But I ignored it because I was too tired to get out of bed. So I woke up with a doozy of a headache that persisted all day and even into the evening.

I was bound and determined to finish this bag before an early afternoon commitment. So I was almost done, not feeling good at all, the phone rang, I answered the phone and it was a call that took way more time than I had, then my dog barked to go out (mind you I had already taken her out twice and all she did was sniff around the yard) and by now I was feeling very rushed, I ironed it and left the iron on the straps a little longer than I should have....I scorched and melted the straps in a few places. The outside fabric is a woven rayon and I still had the iron set on cotton. RUINED!

On top of my headache, I was heartsick! Talk about adding insult to injury....

I guess I didn't really get a great shot of the damage, I was actually able to scratch off some of the damage on the straps.... and I suppose someone unsuspecting might not even notice, but I know it's there. I guess the silver lining is that I now have a new hand bag. It still needs some ironing touch ups in a few places but I am not going there today......

It could have been worse I suppose. I could have rendered it damaged beyond use. So in this case, I guess my loss was really my gain...... at least that is what I am telling myself so that I don't cry! Well, I am off and running, got lots to do today so.......

Have a wonderful holiday weekend friends! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

T-Shirt Tassels Among Other Things

Good morning friends! I hope you are enjoying a beautiful spring day! We had the most beautiful weather yesterday and today is much the same....lots of sun, blue skies and temperatures in the 70's. After a sudden heat wave and rushing to put in the air conditioners earlier in the week, this beautiful weather is a welcomed change.

During the week I spent some time on these zipper bags out of some remnant, irregular (I think) pieces of fabric. I love the fabric and even the irregularities in the weave. It is a home decorating fabric of rayon polyester. I lined it with the prettiest teal silky fabric; the actual fabric content is unknown to me.

After I was finished with the bags, I really wanted to add something of interest  to the bag which seemed a bit plain to me. So while going through some materials I came across a partially cut up tea shirt in the perfect teal color and it sparked an idea! T-shirt tassels!

I have a stash of various skeins of t-shirt yarn that I have made from old t-shirts and it occurred to me that I could probably make neat pom poms and tassels from them. I tried it and I liked it! I also used some crinkled seam binding and embroidery flosses in some colors that were in the fabric, and wrapped it around the tassels to tie it all together. It helps to bring out the lovely shades of green.

The lining fabric was in my stash and it matched perfectly!

So I was very happy with the way these turned out!  I will definitely be adding these neat tassels to some more of my bags.....

I have also used t-shirts for other bags, zipper bags and drawstring pouches. You can actually make a drawstring bag from one sleeve of a t-shirt in a couple of minutes--so that's two bags per t-shirt!!
They are very handy too. I use them for jewelry and when I am traveling, it's a great way to pack a chunky statement necklace for example...

Here is a zipper bag to the left, lined with fabric from a rust colored t shirt. Because the fabric is stretchy, you can stuff these bags to the max! The drawstring bags on the right utilize the sleeves from the t-shirt. The beige bag is stitched inside out to expose the can choose right side or wrong side....

Here is a better view of the exposed seam. I like that look!

Then I used some of my off white t-shirt yard to wind some shabby flowers. It is a cute and easy way to embellish anything!

Well, folks, I have to run but I hope I made you think twice about tossing out those t-shirts that have a way of accumulating over the years. We have so many and sometimes when I am sitting in front of the TV, I take some t-shirts with me, cut off the sleeves and then cut the shirt into one continuous strip. Once I have that step done, I wind it in to a ball--just like yarn. You can use that yarn for a million different things: crafts, wrapping packages, etc.

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

It's June! What Happened to May?

Happy June friends! I can't really believe we have begun another month. I have to say that May flew by so quickly and it just hit me today! I suppose when four weekends are completely booked in any month, it can seem like a short month. We were out of town for three weekends in May. We celebrated my son-in-laws birthday in Boston (what fun) and we spent two weekends back-to-back in Newport, RI for my youngest daughter's college graduation. (so amazing) We also moved her into an apartment. (happy/sad/maybe a few tears)

This week I have been focusing on getting back to normal and replenishing some stock for my ETSY shop. I was nearly out of my bookmarks that use graphics printed on fabric and lots of lace. I had recently found a good selection of vintage laces and edgings and I was dying to put them to use. I worked on this series of bookmarks you see pictured above and it was so enjoyable putting them together. Plus it just felt so darn good jumping back in the saddle. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride!!!

Since I had so many new laces and edgings, I layered them on at the top and bottom.

I especially love the crocheted edgings. I love that someone actually takes the time to remove them from pillows, linens etc and then they sell them all tied up in little bundles. If I see them in antique shops, I grab them!

More lace and edgings at the bottom...

I constructed these bookmarks on my back porch where I have set up my sewing machine since warmer weather has arrived. I have constant "help" and companionship whenever I sew on the back porch because my sweet dog Ellie, loves to join me there.

As you can see she certainly is one huge pile of help! She was out like a light and actually snoring! She loves to sleep on the wicker love seat! I love having her around even when she gets under foot. After all, my nest has become rather empty......sigh.....

Well friends, that's all for today hoping to spend some time catching up with my blogging friends over the next couple of days. Being away for the past month has made me grateful that I can still follow many of you around on social media and not be completely out of the loop. It's been a very busy month for many of us! See you soon! Have a lovely weekend too!