Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Treasure Hunt

A couple of weeks ago my dear friend and I took a road trip to do some antique/vintage shopping. My friend took the wheel and drove us to a favorite shop of hers about an hour away. She said I would love it! She was right! It was so huge when I walked in I really had no idea where to begin. All I knew was that I was in my happy place...like a kid in a candy store!

This chocolate pot came home with me because they were practically giving it away! I fell in love the moment I set my eyes on it!

I love these roses. So pretty!

These dainty little cups with their gold handles.....aren't they sweet?

So what else did I find?

This gorgeous crocheted tablecloth was sitting on a table just waiting for me to come along and swoop it up...We opened it all the way up to check for stains and there was one tiny stain that I knew would come out and it did. There was no noticeable wear, in fact it looked as though it had never been used.

Can you imagine crocheting one of these? This one is very large. I cannot begin to imagine how one completes a project like this or how many hours go into it.

I also picked up this pretty little Shelley tea cup. It was in a booth marked 65% off! Yes please!!! It's a sweet addition to my growing collection of tea cups!

When I first walked in to the antique shop I saw this trio of  Halls mixing bowls for $90.00.
I really wasn't looking to spend that much so you can imagine my joy when I found the exact same set in another booth for $15.00. That's right, $15.00!

I absolutely love them and I have used them already.

This Halls serving dish was a clearance item marked $5.00. While it isn't the same pattern, it coordinates nicely and is in perfect condition.

Now if you'll take a peek in my silverware chest you will see the item that I absolutely had to have and it was in a booth that was having a 40% off sale! If I could've only taken one item out of that store it would've been this beautiful silver plated tea strainer. It is gorgeous!

I have used this too! It's so pretty and elegant!

I love the floral details and the handle is beautiful too!

Last but not least, I purchased some old laces and edgings. These were lovely!

I found this pile of lace in two different shops. The eyelets were especially pretty!

I've already used some of the lace on my angel ornaments.

Here on her hemline....

and vertical trim....

and here as well....I really went on my treasure hunt in search of some lace. But I found so much more. While we were shopping this very nice gentleman followed us around and kept taking the items up to the counter for us. It was like having our very own personal shopping assistant! :)

After leaving this shop we went to lunch. We were starving! Then we realized we had spent three hours in that antique shop. We couldn't believe it! We lost total track of time.

We drove down the road and had a nice lunch and then headed home, stopping at two other shops along the way. What a fun, fun day! We hope to take another trip this week or next! Can't wait!


  1. Oh my word, what a gloriuos hunt you had, you found such gems, a little, precious treasure, my lovely Linda, thank you for sharing your goodies with us !

    Wishing you the best of weeks,
    I'm sending blessings of joy on your days to come,
    with heartfelt gratitude

    XOXO Dany

    1. Hello Daniela,
      The hunt is half the fun!!!! ;) We had such a nice day! Glad you stopped by to take a look. Enjoy the rest of the week Daniela! Sending you lots of hugs! xo

  2. When you don't realize how long you're shopping or looking, that must have been a great place! You sure did well with these purchases. I love it all, especially that tea strainer!

    1. Hi Cynthia,
      You know, I could have spent another hour in there easily (if my stomach hadn't been growling so loudly!) I kept seeing things that I had missed. There are so many unique items that caught my eye so I will have to go back. It was an amazing shop! Yes, the tea strainer is my pride and joy! ;)

  3. I can't believe all the great things you found at that store! I was ooohing and ahhhing all the way through this post. And the silverware really stopped me in my tracks! What a great find! Love all the laces you found for sewing too! You did GREAT! And had fun too! Hugs, Diane

    1. Hi Diane! So happy to hear from you! Yes, it was one fun, productive day and I didn't spend much!!
      Love it when that happens! xo

  4. Oh my mercy! I am so jealous over that tea strainer! Beautiful piece! I love it all. Girl, you got some good stuff! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. Cindy,
      Yes, I am in love with that beautiful tea strainer. I take it out just to look at it! ;) Thanks for dropping in to take a peak! Hugs!

  5. Oh glorious in deed!! That was some antique shop and you found many a lovely item. I love it all, but yes, that tea strainer is absolutely gorgeous.
    Sounds like a most wonderful day out with your friend.
    Thank you for sharing your beauty with us~~

    1. Hi Debbie! Thanks for stopping by to see my treasures! Oh it was so much fun and a much needed day trip with a friend! Have a good day!

  6. Oh Linda, fun day for sure!! I love all the gorgeous treasures you found starting with that beautiful rose chocolate pot set. The tea strainer is so beautiful and I can see how you fell in love with that piece. Everything you found is amazing. You have such a good eye for beautiful!! I found a hand crocheted table cloth like this a few years ago and it too was in perfect condition. I decided mine was actually a queen size bed cover all hand crocheted that can easily be used on the table. It's rather large and I have used it to cover chairs too. When I found mine, it jumped in my cart so fast I was dizzy!!! haha
    Love your darling angels!!
    Enjoy your pretty treasures. Hugs

    1. Lol Celeste, I know that "dizzy" that you speak of!!! I have great luck finding beautiful tablecloths. It's amazing because many almost look like they have never been used or washed. I think they must have saved these beautiful pieces for another day....it's always exciting to find these beautiful treasures! xo

  7. Oh friend, I gasped when I saw the stunning tablecloth! It's magnificent! The sweet tea cup and blue bowls won my heart. You certainly found some amazing items.

    Hugs and love to you!

  8. Oh my goodness Linda, you certainly hit the jackpot!!! I am in awe at all your beautiful treasures. That crocheted tablecloth is soooo pretty, and then all the other things...a Shelley teacup...oh my goodness, and those darling vintage bowls! You will put all that pretty trim to such good use. Love your darling angels!

  9. Oh my you found some lovely treasures and to spend time with a friend is just bonus!! Great deal on those bowls, and love the sweet creations you have made with your beautiful laces!!!

  10. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day - finding treasures, spending time with a good friend, and lunch! Love all your pretties and such good deals, too! The tablecloth is amazing and those little bowls with the roses are just too precious. Love your little angels, too. xx Karen

  11. My goodness Linda, what a special amazing day you had! Treasure hunt indeed! I just LOVE the chocolate pot and the mugs to go with it! And that tea strainer, I've never seen one like that! And all that lace! Oh what joy you will have creating with it! I'm so happy for you to have had such a blessed and wonderful day with your friend!

  12. I would have thought I'd died and gone to heaven! I love the tea strainer and chocolate set but those bowls! I'm a bowl lover and these are amazing. And naturally I'm so glad that the beautiful laces found their home with you and will live on in so many lovely creations.

    A blissful day!

  13. Oh my goodness! I adore everything your found. I love the lace and the tea strainer is so pretty. You must have just been crazy with delight. So sweet.

  14. Linda, you were the finder of all the treasures that day! That table cloth is amazing! Love the little tea cup too.

  15. Oh what an amazing day and treasures you had! It has been a long time that I have found anything that great and a good price! Everything was really nice, the bowls the tablecloth geesh!
    Blessings, Roxy