Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Treasure Hunt

A couple of weeks ago my dear friend and I took a road trip to do some antique/vintage shopping. My friend took the wheel and drove us to a favorite shop of hers about an hour away. She said I would love it! She was right! It was so huge when I walked in I really had no idea where to begin. All I knew was that I was in my happy place...like a kid in a candy store!

This chocolate pot came home with me because they were practically giving it away! I fell in love the moment I set my eyes on it!

I love these roses. So pretty!

These dainty little cups with their gold handles.....aren't they sweet?

So what else did I find?

This gorgeous crocheted tablecloth was sitting on a table just waiting for me to come along and swoop it up...We opened it all the way up to check for stains and there was one tiny stain that I knew would come out and it did. There was no noticeable wear, in fact it looked as though it had never been used.

Can you imagine crocheting one of these? This one is very large. I cannot begin to imagine how one completes a project like this or how many hours go into it.

I also picked up this pretty little Shelley tea cup. It was in a booth marked 65% off! Yes please!!! It's a sweet addition to my growing collection of tea cups!

When I first walked in to the antique shop I saw this trio of  Halls mixing bowls for $90.00.
I really wasn't looking to spend that much so you can imagine my joy when I found the exact same set in another booth for $15.00. That's right, $15.00!

I absolutely love them and I have used them already.

This Halls serving dish was a clearance item marked $5.00. While it isn't the same pattern, it coordinates nicely and is in perfect condition.

Now if you'll take a peek in my silverware chest you will see the item that I absolutely had to have and it was in a booth that was having a 40% off sale! If I could've only taken one item out of that store it would've been this beautiful silver plated tea strainer. It is gorgeous!

I have used this too! It's so pretty and elegant!

I love the floral details and the handle is beautiful too!

Last but not least, I purchased some old laces and edgings. These were lovely!

I found this pile of lace in two different shops. The eyelets were especially pretty!

I've already used some of the lace on my angel ornaments.

Here on her hemline....

and vertical trim....

and here as well....I really went on my treasure hunt in search of some lace. But I found so much more. While we were shopping this very nice gentleman followed us around and kept taking the items up to the counter for us. It was like having our very own personal shopping assistant! :)

After leaving this shop we went to lunch. We were starving! Then we realized we had spent three hours in that antique shop. We couldn't believe it! We lost total track of time.

We drove down the road and had a nice lunch and then headed home, stopping at two other shops along the way. What a fun, fun day! We hope to take another trip this week or next! Can't wait!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Stephanie's Tea Cup and Mug Exchange Reveal

Another tea cup/mug swap has concluded and today is the day of the big reveal!  Be sure to visit Stephanie's blog the Enchanting Rose HERE  to see all the treasures that have been exchanged during this most recent swap.

I must thank Stephanie once again for her dedication of time and effort in putting this wonderful swap together. After participating quite a few times in past swaps, it has become an event that I truly look forward to each and every time. It is such a joyful event! Thank you very much Stephanie!

My package arrived one late afternoon/early evening and I didn't even know it! It was well into the evening when my husband happened to go out onto the front porch to lock the doors for the night. He happened to notice the package sitting on the porch floor! So I was very surprised when he announced that my package had arrived!

My lovely package was sent by Laura who blogs at Decor to Adore.  I read her little hand stamped note card before I tore into my box of treasures. I always enjoy the notes that accompany each package. It's a nice way to learn a little about your exchange partner.

Inside was this pretty tea cup! Isn't she lovely? Lots of pretty pink flowers, dainty and delicate! It is a beautiful addition to my collection!

Look at all the goodies that came with it! There are marcaroons, lemon tea, some pretty floral napkins, flower seeds, washi tape, painted wooden clips and some glitter.....sweet!

I have had lemon herbal tea before but never this lemon tea. It is delicious! It is not at all tangy as I expected it would be. It is lightly lemon, very soothing and oh so good! I had two cups the first night....

and maybe even just one macaroon.....YUM!

Thank you very much Laura for this beautiful package! It was a delightful surprise when it arrived and it was a perfect way to end the day! (A very high note indeed!)


The recipient of my package is Janice who blogs at Curtains in my Tree. She collects lots of blue and white so I went on a hunt for a blue and white teacup. I see them often in my travels.....do you think I could find a blue and white teacup just because I happened to be looking for one? You know the answer! 

Finally, the next day I visited an antique shop just a few miles out of town. There was one blue and white teacup with a matching dessert plate.  I really liked it too!  

I packaged it all up and sent it on its way........

Here's what I included in Janice's package.... this tea cup, saucer and dessert plate. I found the embroidered set of 4 napkins at another antique shop in my hometown. They coordinated so well.

I included some decaf tea, clover honey spoons, some vintage lace....

.......a salted caramel chocolate bar and some Godiva chocolate covered biscuits. You can read more about Janice's package here.

Thank you Laura for your lovely package. My new tea cup looked so pretty on my Easter dinner table. I used all mismatched cups!

Thank you also to Janice for your kinds words on your blog and for being such a gracious recipient!!!

Thank you again Stephanie. This swap puts a big smile on my face every time I participate and this swap was no exception. In fact, I've already got a big smile on my face just thinking about the next one in the fall! I imagine there were nearly a couple hundred other smiling faces too! New friends and new tea cups.....you can never have too many of either!!! 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Three Little Angels

Good morning friends! We are once again in the midst of a snowstorm....just got the piles from the last nor'easter to finally melt away and lo and behold.....another snowstorm....though when I woke up this morning, we were on the lesser end of the expected snowfall amounts. For that I am grateful!  I kept myself busy yesterday afternoon and evening completing a trio of angels using some new laces I purchased recently.  Each angel is unique. All are embellished differently but all are in neutral tones and shabby sweet.

It's been a while since I crafted any angels and sometimes I get such an urge to create them.... so I decided that as long as I was going to be stuck inside, I was going to do something fun. I had a great time working on my triplet angels and coming up with ways to make them unique in their own way.

The angel (shown above) was the first one of the batch....she has horizontal stripes (which I would never wear btw, lol!) and two layers of doilies for her wings.

Angel number two wears her stripes vertically,  has wings made from a double layer of ivory twill zig-zag stitched together with a doily on top. The flower in her hair is stained with coffee.

It's very hard to see in this photo but she has a layer of vintage eyelet in addition to the narrow lace on her hemline.

This is angel number three. Her wings are made from two layers of the brown ticking with a doily on top. Her halo flower is lightly stained. She has a stained ivory, wide eyelet collar. I love her collar!!

Nestled in a basket....

Taking turns on their best sides....

Lace edge tag with "moms are angels" has been added....

These were so much fun to make!! I have not decided on their hangers yet...trying to decide if I should use curled wire hangers with a shabby bow, (as I often do) or a simple lace hanger, or some ivory silk sari ribbon that I have in my stash...totally undecided at the moment....but the most time consuming work has been done. (and it does take quite a bit of time to make one of these little darlings)

Hoping I get some spring inspiration soon. I think I need to order some pretty new fabrics in some cheerful spring colors.....right now my world is pretty white.....and the white stuff it is still coming down out there!!! I am going to have to do some blog hopping over the weekend to get some springtime inspiration from my friends in warmer parts of the country.

Gotta run! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Bye friends!