Monday, March 6, 2017

Some Bloggin' Love

I received the loveliest card from one of my blogging friends, Connie, who blogs over at Connie's Crafty Creations.  I admire her beautiful handcrafted cards that she shares on her blog and I wish that I had more time to develop my own skills in card making. Connie makes it all look so easy and I do love playing with paper just as much as I love playing with fabric! So perhaps someday!!!! Anyways, is't this the prettiest card? It looks just like a quilt square, carefully pieced using paper instead of cloth.

Here is a close up of some of the detail! Note the pieced paper quilt, the sweet ribbon bows, the lacy horizontal strip and the little tag that says be happy.....the colors  are so tranquil...I love the color combination.

I love the little button with the tied thread! I love all the fine, little details! Love, love, love....

When you stand it up, there's even more detail on the very bottom of the card and some sweet little flowers! To think that she created this little gem just for me-- well, let's just say it does my heart good! There is nothing more special than receiving a handcrafted gift from a friend. I am so touched and grateful! Thank you Connie for your friendship and your constant flow of encouraging words! If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, BLOGGING FRIENDS ARE THE BEST!

If you haven't visited Connie's blog you must stop by and check out some of her beautiful cards. The link to her blog is at the beginning of this post!


  1. Connie is such an artist, I received a card from her last year for my birthday and I'm feeling amazed and charmed every time I find myself looking at it - I placed it on a little ancient tabe with some other treats :) !

    Thank you for sharing such beauty with us, darling Linda, her gentle heart is one of the lovely Gifts she has !

    Wishing you a special day, today,
    and a wonderful remainder of your week

    XOXO Dany

  2. Such a beautiful card, Linda. I am always astounded as to the unique and gorgeous cards Connie fashions each time I visit her lovely blog. Yes, blogging friends are the best.

  3. Very pretty card Linda. It is amazing all the talented bloggers like yourself out here in blogland. So sweet of Connie to send that cute card to you. Happy New Week.

  4. What a great idea and how beautiful it turned out to be. A lovely and talented friend you have there.
    Enjoy your week,

  5. Hi Linda, Your card from our talented Connie is gorgeous. She really designed a gorgeous quilt style beauty!! The colors are beautiful together!! I know first hand how wonderful her cards are as I have a special one as well and cherish it dearly. Connie is a special lady and one of my favorite bloggers and friends. I know her card is very special to you too. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a great week. Blessings. xo

  6. What a beautiful card, Linda! Yes, I agree, blogging friends are very special.

  7. Connie gifted you with a gorgeous card, Linda, so very thoughtful of her.
    Yes, Blogging friends are certainly quite special. ♡

  8. Oh what a sweet card! Love the colors. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Having been a card maker some years ago, I was amazed at the intricacy of this card, and what a beauty her handiwork is! Truly a lovely card to keep and treasure! I love the soft colors she chose, and also the embossed effect on the card to add to its beauty. I agree with you, blogging friends are the best!

  10. Oh Linda, what a sweet post you have written, I am so glad you liked it, I love how we can get to know each other through our blogs. Hugs to you my friend :)