Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Three Victorian Children on Skates

Night before last, I purchased this sweet French postcard graphic of these Victorian children skating in their beautiful period attire. I found this beauty at FrenchPaperMoon on Etsy.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it too! So I printed it on cotton fabric and stitched it to some painter's canvas drop cloth and voila!....a zipper bag! I added a bit of trim, some mismatched buttons, some crinkled seam binding and a metal zipper.

It turned out so cute and I enjoyed stitching it up and adding all the embellishments.

I wanted something very specific for the lining and I looked and looked but just couldn't find exactly what I had in mind. As I was about to leave the store I noticed the remnant bin and in there was about a yard of this beautiful, bronze-like/ brown colored home decorator fabric with some sheen to it. PERFECT! It added just the right amount of richness and weight to the bag.

These sweet faces are hard not to fall in love with....and their clothing is beautiful! Can you imagine skating in those clothes?

I added a coordinating tag with the care instructions on the back.

Then I felt the urge to make another bag....I enjoyed making it that much.

Though I ran out of the taupe colored trim that I used on the first bag, the ivory cotton lace worked as well and added a nice touch.

This adorable little threesome inspired me to do a little sewing and now that these bags are done, I can think of many more ways that I would like to use this graphic. I am thinking that they would look so cute as little embellished fabric ornaments and that may just be my next project.

Follow up post:  Ornaments made from with this same image, CLICK HERE!