Saturday, October 15, 2016

That's a Wrap!

Hello Friends and Happy Fall! It's a bright, sunny fall day here in NH and it's a bit cool! But that's OK because I recently made this comfy, cozy wrap/shawl/poncho and it's a perfect layer to the morning coolness that we experienced outside this morning.

I stitched this up in about an hour from a blanket/throw I purchased on sale at Joanne Fabrics. I believe I ended up paying a whopping $13.99 for it. I love wardrobe pieces like this: budget friendly, functional, practical and well.....fashionable too!

I asked my husband to go outside this morning and photograph me wearing my new wrap and he was only happy to do so!

I wrapped an orange and brown scarf around in sort of a cowl neck. I always wear scarves! This one was made by a friend of mine several years ago. Please forgive my ratty jeans and sneakers!

The photo shoot started out with a serious tone.....

....and at about this time my husband started joking with me.....I'll spare you the details!

Abrupt end to my photo shoot.....couldn't find my straight face after that. 

As I mentioned earlier, this is a perfect lightweight layer for a fall day and I plan to wear it all week as it's supposed be a little cool.

How did I do it? Since I have made ponchos before I knew that I could fold the blanket in half with the fringe at the bottom and cut up the middle of the top layer to make an opening. But I also wanted to cut out an actual neckline. I looked around the house for a neckline to copy and couldn't find one of my ponchos to use for a template. So I googled "making ponchos from blankets" and sure enough several popped up. I direct you to the link of one of my favorites--Click Here. I love the way she uses a plate for a template as I do the very same thing. My large pizza stone comes in very handy when I need a larger circle.....Another link that shows a similar project--Click here. She also uses a plate as a template!

Basic Supplies, I later decided to add bias binding to the front cut edges and neckline.....

I got right down on the floor for this project!

I determined the middle of the blanket (poncho front). In this case it happened to be the fold line and I cut right up the middle of the top layer until I reached the plate. Please note: only 1/2 of the plate is actually on the blanket for the template)

Then I cut around the 1/2 the plate, removed the plate and cut straight across to remove piece as pictured below.

I finished all cut edges with a zig zag stitch on my sewing machine.

Then I folded over the finished edge 1/2" and pinned all the way around.

Using a regular straight stitch (and using a variegated orange, brown thread) I stitched the folded edge all the way around. I could have stopped here but since my blanket was not wool, ( it was light acrylic) I chose to make an extra trip to the fabric store for some 7/8" wide bias binding tape to finish my edge. It made a very neat edge as well as added some structure to the lightweight fabric particularly around the neckline..  See below:


Front opening edges....If I find time to make another poncho, , I may bind all of the outside edges. This is not visible from the front, and was intended only to stabilize and hide the raw edge.

I added the chunky faux wood button and a snap to the inside front to help keep it slightly asymmetrical when closed.

I love it!

After I had finished stitching this, I got this idea in my head that if I purchased another identical blanket, I could cut a nice, wide matching scarf from the fabric. By cutting in the opposite direction than I did to make the actual poncho, (in other words, fringe side to other fringe side) I could have had a nice wide, coordinating, fringed scarf. When I went back to Joann's the blankets had sold out. Sad face! 

I recently bought some pretty fleece to make a similar wrap. The pattern is asymmetrical but shorter than this poncho and it also has a chunky button closure. I hope to get to that this week.

Time has a way of getting away from me these days. I actually made this poncho a couple of weeks ago and started writing this post a week ago. In the middle of all this, I had an overnight commitment out of town, lost a couple days, had some other things to catch up on and was able to take some time today to "wrap up this post!

I hope everyone is enjoying some beautiful fall weather! Here in NH, it has been especially sunny and the foliage is always! Fall in New England never disappoints! 

Have a nice weekend!