Saturday, September 24, 2016

Save those Fabric Scraps!

Hi Friends! It's a beautiful Saturday here in NH! It's sunny, a bit coolish and I'm loving this weather! I sat outside with my dog this morning and the sun was so nice and warm. If I hadn't had so much to do, I would've sat there much longer. I hope you all are enjoying a beautiful fall day wherever you are!

Today I worked on a "thank you" card utilizing some fabric scraps and bits of lace left over from other projects. I really enjoy small projects like this and it takes me right back to school projects waaay, waaaay back in the day. I remember hoping the teacher would say those three little words that made me ever so happy!!! "Make a collage". I was all over those kinds of projects and I spent hours making them perfect in every way!

Now I prefer the look of not exactly perfect....and I very much appreciate the handmade goodness of handmade items. I always have. I remember loving the beautiful dresses my mother sewed for me in grade school.....and if there were dainty lace edgings on them, I jumped for joy! Anyways....

I began this card by placing a square piece of fabric onto the cardstock a bit off center. I stitched it on with a zig zag stitch to secure it. Next I cut a piece of wide lace and stitched it to the left side of the fabric. I added the bottom lace and tucked the edge under the wide lace to overlap the left edge. I added laces to the right side and top as well.

I cut some ecru fabric strips with pinking shears and stamped "thank you" and "dear friend"  on to them. Then I stitched them on with a zig zag stitch. The last step is tying a piece of seam binding into a bow. I attached the bow with a small amount of hot glue. After adding some thread to an ivory button, I tied it in a knot and added the button with a dab of hot glue.

This was fun!....and quick.....and it's already been taken away by the mailman.

This is one that I did earlier in the week. This one was a bit less work because I did not use lace on the edges.

I love shades of red and green....reminds me of Christmas!

This card has also been sent off in the mail....I have a few more to make and I have a huge stash of fabric scraps, lace bits and ribbon pieces to choose from. If a scrap is at least as big as a postage stamp, I keep it!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!