Monday, July 11, 2016

Burlap and Lace Bookmarks

Hello friends! How are you? It feels like it's been ages since I was last here but it really wasn't all that long ago! Honestly the 4th of July seems like distant history to me and it was only a week ago today!

Last night I created a bookmark and I liked it so well that I decided to make few more today!  They are literally multiplying out on my back porch as I type. The first bookmark that I made last night was "Imagine." Imagine was followed by "dream", "read" and "blessings." "Hope" is still in progress...

I started this project last night because I wanted to enclose a little extra something in a card that I am sending know....when you send a card but it just doesn't seem like enough.....

These little bookmarks are a perfect enclosure item and they are remarkably very sturdy. I stitched together two layers of ivory burlap and zig-zagged all the sides. I added the vertical lace, then the tiny ivory edging at the very top. Next I folded a piece of sari ribbon unevenly and secured it to the top of the bookmark by sewing a button on it.

I hand-stamped a word on a scrap of heavy unbleached cotton, trimmed it with pinking shears and stitched it in a random direction over the sari ribbon. Then it was all about making tiny x's in the buttons with ecru embroidery floss and attaching them to the bookmark. (not my favorite part but it adds some sweet detail)

The first one turned out so sweet that I made several more today. Some are almost done, some are completely in pieces. I think they would look so cute in a journal or in any book for that matter....

All this talk about bookmarks has me thinking about reading a new book. I did pick up my old copy of Pride and Prejudice and started rereading it--I love that book and will probably read it many more times.

Have you read any good books this summer? Any that you would recommend? I'm feeling the urge to escape into the world of a good novel! Feel free to leave a book title or two in my comment section.

Thanks and have a great week!