Tuesday, May 17, 2016

If it Weren't for Bad Luck....

Hello friends! Lately it seems that if it weren't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all. I've also heard that bad things sometimes happen in threes but in my case it has been happening in many multiples of threes.....one right after another. But last week there was a bright spot.....a spur of the moment conversation that led to a lovely day spent with a friend roaming antique and vintage shops and barns and a yard sale. I found some lovely, reasonably priced items and they came home with me!

"Oh happy day!" came out of my mouth more than once on this joyous day of shopping and having lunch with one of my dearest friends.  We had a ball!.....

My best find was several yards of this beautiful dark ecru, hand crocheted edging. It was all folded up in a plastic bag with no price tag. The woman told me she would have to call the owner of the booth to find out the price. Later on she told me that the booth owner was also having a yard sale down the road so that was our next stop.

I bought several of these beautiful towels on the $1.00 table. When I got home and opened them up I realized they were as big as bath towels. Some of them had patterns of fleur-de-lis and shamrocks. I did have photos of them but I lost them in a very bad photo transfer which ended badly for me and deleted 1,000 plus photos from my phone. I haven't quite gotten over that yet.....

This very large table scarf was also on the $1.00 table but it had a tag which clearly said $40.00. It was gorgeous and I wanted to bring it home with me. I asked about the price and it was also $1.00 so of course I purchased it.

Here you can see that it is monogrammed. I love imagining the history behind items like this.....It is a very beautiful piece with no stains, holes or damage of any kind.

We stopped at another antique mall and I found this white edging. There are two very long pieces. I'm sure I will put it to very good use!

I also purchased this large, gorgeous ecru tablecloth. It was the most expensive thing I bought all day and was only $16.00. It is in excellent condition with one very small stain. I have been working on that stain and it is barely noticeable now. I couldn't even locate it this afternoon.

I also found a few bags of very pretty lace and edgings. I did not even open the bag they were in. I like to go home and open a few surprises while checking out my loot. This bag of sweet lace was a nice variety of some good-sized pieces. :)

I fell in love with this large table scarf. The edging is exquisite. This piece, although lovely, has a small tear so I will most likely use the lacy edging in a sewing project.

Some miscellaneous lace edgings, eyelets, lace and a large doily.....

I had such a wonderful day roaming these shops. We stopped for a nice lunch and I tried Parsnip Apple Soup. I haven't ever had it before and was more than a little curious. There was a very nice lady behind the counter and she asked me if I would like to taste it and I said, "yes please!" My next words were, "I'll take a cup of that with a half of a turkey sandwich." It was delicious!

We made one more stop before heading home. I didn't want the day to end. I didn't have one bad luck experience all day.......until I had been home all of about fifteen or twenty minutes. I was eating something and my dental crown fell out. It was a Thursday evening of course and the dental office I go to is closed on Fridays and all weekend...Can you guess where I am going in the morning?

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day and I have a very good feeling about it!........Good night friends!