Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Moms are Angels

You may or may not believe this when I tell you.....but there are angels right here on earth. Moms! Since Mother's Day is right around the corner, it only makes sense that at some point I would get around to creating a special angel in honor of Mother's Day!

Many of my angel ornaments are constructed from paper but some of my more recent angels are a combination of paper and fabric. This particular ornament is mostly fabric though the wings have a paper base because I was afraid two layers of this fabric would be too heavy.

Her dress is stitched down each side with zig zag stitches. She has lots of pretty vintage lace embellishments. The ecru lace on the bottom of her dress is nicely aged and perfectly stained in very small spots. I love that look......the lace around her neck is a three layer, dainty ruffle and very sweet. She is very lightly stuffed with polyfil.

Her wings are a layer of fabric topped with 2 layers of tulle and stitched (zig zag stitched) on to a paper base for support. For her halo, I wrapped a strip of torn sari silk around a piece of wire. It looks perfectly tattered....the tag also has lace, a lace heart and button embellishments and "moms are angels' is hand stamped to look slightly imperfect. Boy is it ever difficult to make something look imperfect.....when you are really trying. But if you aren't trying........

Here she is making herself comfortable on a pile of just ironed linens.....

She looked so pretty that I had to snap a couple of photos. In this photo you can see that I have attached a bow made from tulle and sari ribbon to the curled wire hanger. The tulle is a difficult to see but it hangs quite long with the sari ribbon and adds a shabby, sweet touch to my angel ornament.

The idea to make this angel popped into my head last night at a pretty late hour so I stayed up until it resembled the image in my mind. This made for a pretty late night or should I say a pretty early morning and a very short night. But that's how I roll......if I had gone to bed before nearly completing her, I never would have been able to fall asleep.

Today I spent the afternoon with my very own angel on earth--my mom! She has been recovering from some serious health problems,  had some long hospital stays and rehabs and I am happy to report that she is actually better now than she was the last year  prior to becoming ill. I took her to PT this afternoon and then we did a little shopping. Prayers were answered and I'm feeling very blessed!

"All God's angels come to us disguised."
James Russell Lowell

Update: more photos....HERE!

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