Thursday, April 14, 2016

Faith, Hope, Joy--Heartstrings

Good morning friends! Today I am sharing a newer version of my embellished heartstrings. It's certainly no secret that I love hearts. In fact, if I have scraps of fabric leftover, sometimes I will just sit (while watching TV) and cut out hearts. You just never know when a fabric heart will come in handy, either for applique, or stitching and stuffing, or stringing them along....

Just in case you don't believe me, here is a small sampling of my pile of hearts....

Anyways, back to my heartstrings.....these are so easy to whip up and can be hung over doorways, windows, over the doors of a hutch, tied around a planter or basket. They really add a pretty touch to whatever you hang them on. Plus, they can easily be customized by adding stamped sentiments, quotes, etc. Some ideas: Home Sweet Home, Home is Where You Hang Your Heart, Welcome Friends, Welcome Baby (this would be cute in pink or blue flannel hearts!). The possibilities are endless really!

Easy steps to make your own:

1.) Determine how many hearts you would like to string!

2.) Cut out two heart shapes from fabric for each heart. You will also need one heart shape cut out from fleece batting for each heart. I used fusible fleece because I have many, many scraps of fusible fleece..

3.) Decorate the top fabric layer of each heart using buttons, bits of lace, fabric, sentiments stamped on fabric, and ribbons. I added the tulle bow at the very end, after the heart was completed. (Note, I ironed on the fleece interfacing after the heart was embellished. If you have lace that could be damaged by ironing, either add the fusible fleece to the wrong side of the back of the heart or use sew on interfacing, Just pin securely when you stitch the three layers together.)

4.) With wrong sides facing, stitch all around the hearts with a zig-zag stitch, I started my stitching on a trimmed area so it would not show where I started and stopped. Check the backside to make sure all of the edges are enclosed in the stitching. If an area needs to be restitched, no worries. Stitch it on the backside. The extra stitching just adds to the shabby chic quality of the heart.

5.) Add ribbon or tulle bow at top of each heart if desired.

6.) Stitch the hearts to a length of twine, ribbon, torn strip of fabric. (I used recycled sari ribbon.)

7.) Tie a loop in each end of ribbon so they may be hung.


Not only is this project easy, it can be completed quickly. Do the heartstrings below look familiar?

These are in my blog banner. Here you can see some batting exposed. Sometimes I let it show sometimes I don't. Sometimes I used pinking shears, other times I use regular scissors. There is no right or wrong way. 

My wish for you my friends:  faith, hope, joy! Have a wonderful weekend!

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