Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Two of My Favorite Things

Hello friends! Last Thursday we headed to Martha's Vineyard for a few days to visit one of my daughters. First we stopped in RI to pick up my youngest daughter and from there we drove to the Cape to catch a ferry to Martha's Vineyard. It was a beautiful warm, spring day!

The first thing we did was go to the beach! This beach is a personal favorite of mine as it is most beautiful, with absolutely breathtaking views in either direction . I literally just stand there in complete awe!

The beach is usually empty when we visit because we tend to visit during the months that don't generate crowds; in early spring and early fall. We have been there during the summer months as well but the crowds tend to be a little intimidating.

There is something so heavenly about being completely alone on the beach.  I am absolutely "sea-struck" when I am here. In the event I just made up a new word....well, in my defense, it IS my blog!

Isn't this a beautiful sight? 

This rock just begs you to climb. I resisted the urge but my daughter could not. 

These pillars used to be part of a larger rock formation. A few years back they were destroyed by a storm. They still look pretty grand to me.

We took a foot path to the other side of the rock formation and from this side it looks a lot like a rhino!

A close up of the rhino head! Can you see it? 

(this is a view to the left of the rhino)  

It was a fun, action-packed few days on the Vineyard, visiting our daughter, taking a hike in the woods, hitting the beach (I left my bikini home, haha), dining out, and shopping in the cutest little shops. My husband even photographed the sunrise from the roof deck of the hotel, and while I wanted to go with him, I couldn't drag myself out of bed fast enough. From my bed, I did manage to see a beautiful orange/pinkish glow through the window where the curtains parted and therefore experienced the best of both worlds, "sunrise in bed."  When my husband returned, he had a steaming hot cup of coffee for me! :)

It was very warm the first day but also very windy. The second day was still beautiful and a bit chillier. On the day we headed home it was downright cold and my daughter and I were chilled to the bone and could not warm up even once we were home with the heat cranked. So, we made tea! My cup of Earl Grey tea and multiple microwaveable rice paks did the trick! Warmed me right up!

Speaking of tea, it's almost time for the Stephanie's teacup swap reveal! I picked up a couple of things for my swap package in Vineyard Haven. We stayed at an inn there (click here to check out the Mansion House ) and were surrounded by cute little shops. So keep your eyes open for the big teacup/mug reveal which I believe is in early April.  To read more about past teacup swaps and view past reveals at Stephanie's blog, Click here! 

My teacup collection is growing! Here are a few.....

Two of my favorite things:

Some much needed time away by the sea,
Returning home and sipping some tea!

Good bye friends! Hope you are having a great week!