Friday, March 11, 2016

Plain and Simple

Today I finished working on a tote bag and a matching pair of zipper bags. After it was complete, I was very happy with the look and the simplicity of it's style.

Lately I have been finding myself drawn to neutral tones and I love working with neutral colored fabrics. This bag is constructed from painter's drop cloth (canvas) and after washing it, well, I just fell in love with the look and the subtle wrinkles in the fabric. 

I added a piece of a vintage embroidered table runner which matched nicely with the fabric that I used to line the bag.

The mauve, cream and aqua lining is a fabric from the late 80's. 

The zipper bags coordinate with the bag and lining and have lace zipper pulls.

I enjoyed stitching this bag up. It's classic and clean--plain and simple.
 It's fun to pair old with new to create something new! It's been a good long while since I made a bag and  I look forward to
stitching up some others for spring. 

Earlier in the week I ordered some pretty spring fabrics on ETSY  and they arrived today! Talk about speedy delivery! They crossed the entire country and arrived in just two days!!! (literally coast to coast)

Oh......and here's a bunny update.....a sampling of a few that I have made....also a lot of fun to make!!!

Hope you are all enjoying some good weather as spring rolls in. We have had some very warm weather and I am trying not to get too used to it. There have been a good many years in the past we have gotten slammed with FEET of snow in March. We did not have a snowy winter this year, it was unseasonably warm by NH standards.....and I have been loving it!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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