Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Baby Shower Centerpieces--Aqua and Coral

I recently attended a baby shower and these were the centerpieces on the tables. Aren't they just the cutest! I cannot take an ounce of credit for these cuties!! They were created by Lisa. (sister-in-law to my daughter Jenn) They are both going to be aunties to identical twin girls some time in April! How exciting is that!

This is a great recycling project. She used glass peanut butter jars and painted them this lovely shade of vintage blue. She purchased the little owl shaped wooden cut outs from ETSY, painted them gold and added a touch of coral to some of them.....so, so cute! (and so much peanut butter had to be consumed!!! LOL!)

You can imagine my delight when I was given a couple to take home! The coral roses were so fragrant.....the babies breath was so robust!

So pretty!

I love the color combination! I also love owls!!

I think Lisa did a wonderful job creating these little floral centerpieces for her sister's owl-themed baby shower. Lisa is thinking of starting a craft blog. I told her that when she does I will provide you all with a link to her blog so you can check out her creative works of art! I am already a fan!

"A wise old owl lived in an oak,
The more he saw, the less he spoke,
The less he spoke, the more he heard,
Why can't we be like that wise bird?"

J. D. Rockefeller