Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall is Here!

Hello friends and Happy Fall! It has finally arrived even though it's been feeling much like summer.....but that's ok if summer lasts a bit longer as long as my fall is not cut short by cold, snowy weather. I want to enjoy every last minute of my favorite season! My plan is for fall to last until December 24th with maybe some light snow in the forecast for Christmas Eve. Then we can all enjoy a white Christmas, the snow can melt the next day and we'll be on our merry way to an early Spring! Yes, that's my plan!

I have been busy lately and it's been one thing after I write, a huge tractor trailer is pulling up in front of my house. Our new dryer is being delivered and installed right this very minute! So I bet you can guess what I've been up to this week....drying clothes NOT at home!

I'm still dieting....begrudgingly and I have lost 12 lbs. Dieting in your 50's is nothing like dieting in your 20's or 30's. It's hard! Besides the obvious difficulties associated with dieting, I have had dieting casualties too! Snacking on popcorn has been a godsend for me during this process of achieving weight loss without going completely crazy, but let me tell you, eating popcorn can be dangerous and a health risk! I got a popcorn hull embedded somewhere between two back teeth and my week started bad and went to worse pretty fast. I tried brushing and flossing, I tried tooth picking, I tried rinsing and flushing with water for over a forward to today and an emergency visit to the dentist. There was no sign of a popcorn hull but there was an infection from the little bugger so I got some antibiotics and gum numbing stuff and I was on my way. If it's not better Monday, I have to go back.....

What else happened this week? Oh yah, the one thing that was supposed to happen.....I had 8 to 10 (I lost count) injections in my neck and shoulders. I go every 3 months for BOTOX for my bad neck, headaches, very long story.

So it just hasn't been a great week folks! The one thing about a bad week is that you know it's going to end and it always does. Just when you think the universe is beating you while you're down, things start to turn around.....and they have. For starters my dryer is almost ready to use and my mouth is starting to feel better. I had visions of a very looooong weekend.....

Looking forward to my first fall weekend, making some pumpkin bread, picking some apples.....enjoy the weekend everyone!


  1. What a horrible week you have had, Linda. Infected gums are no fun. It is hard losing weight when you are older, isn't it. Those injections must be poor thing. A new dryer...YAY...let's hope this is the first of many positive things to happen in your days this week. About those plans about for Fall making it right up to Christmas....somehow I don't like your chances. =)

  2. I'm so sorry you've had such a hard week. Hope your pain is manageable this weekend and you feel lots better. Hope you get a big pot of mums to enjoy! Lots and lots of hugs, Diane

  3. Hello Linda, what a bad week you have had, -so many awful things happening, can take the feeling good away from any one. Great your mouth is better now, and the dryer, sounds great ,too :-) Head ache and shoulder ,not good, but luckily you are able to get the botox injections. Now I wish you a wonderful weekend, sunny and beautiful, as only autumn can be !! Hugs,Dorthe

  4. Hi Linda, What a beautiful pumpkin pic!! I'm so sorry you've had a tough week. Just when things are looking up at times, these things happen. Glad your mouth infection is feeling better. Congrats on the 12 pounds. That is a great accomplishment. I use popcorn too when cutting back to drop a few pounds. It really helps and so healthy to eat when it's light to no butter and no salt.
    I hope your neck and shoulder pain improves too. I understand this kind of pain so well. I've been trying to heal Radial Tunnel Syndrome in my right arm from being on the computer and painting so much. It is a challenge and therapy helps, but it takes time. I pray you improve soon. In the meantime, enjoy the weekend and Happy Fall. Blessings to you sweet friend. xo

  5. Hi Linda, sorry to hear of your popcorn 'trouble' (good grief, right!?)
    And injections can be a reallll pain. : ( glad you survived it all : )
    and are on your way into your favorite season! Love your wonderful photo!
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your new dryer! Sometimes it really is the little
    things in life that make us appreciate what we have. Take care, Karen O

  6. Oh my Linda, what a week! Teeth can be such problems, and expensive, too. I hope the Botox injections will make you feel better for your neck and shoulder issues. It must be nice to have your new dryer. Oh, how we get used to our conveniences. Love and hugs are sent to you.

  7. Love your fall picture, nothing like pumpkins with mums! I do like your idea of fall temps until Christmas and then shortly after start spring :)
    Sorry to hear you had such a rough time with your mouth, glad to hear it sounds like it is on the mend... I know what you are saying about the weight loss in our 50's it is rough that's for sure, although I have always had a rough time with it. Congrats on the new dryer!! Ouch all those shots don't sound like fun at all, bummer you have to have them so often.

  8. Dearest Linda,
    you've had a quite bad week, I hope that the remainder of your Fall, which you love so much, will be as beautiful and serene as you deserve, sweet friend of mine !

    Sending hugs and ever much love to you,
    thank you for your stunning Fall picture,
    this period of the year has a special place in my heart too !

    Xx Dany

  9. Hello Dear Linda,
    Congrats on your weight loss, that is fabulous and what an achievement-and not an easy one as we age.Pure will power and dedication on your part.
    I am sorry to hear about your neck and shoulder, I did not know that you were suffering like this. I hope that you are feeling much better by now.
    Sending hugs for feeling better soon!

  10. Oh no Linda! I'm soo sorry to hear about your bad week! Snacking on popcorn, who would have thought it would wreck such havoc with your teeth! Have you heard of clove oil? I started using it years ago, and have found it to be AMAZING in your mouth. Just one drop, or two, and it will numb the place that hurts, and heal it too. Email me if you want more details. I think it would have worked with your tooth issues. I'm sorry to hear about your neck issues too, ouch, all those needles! Yikes! I do hope you get to enjoy some lovely fall weather and colors, I look forward to the pictures of fall in your area. Hugs to you dear friend, and hoping that things get better for you!!!!!!!!!