Thursday, August 25, 2016

Return to the Pumpkin Patch

I love the first signs of fall. . . . . . that first day after many hot humid days where the air feels dry and even a bit chilly. It happened this past weekend. We were away moving my daughter out of her summer dorm and into her dorm for the school year. (Her senior year!) It was hot in RI where she goes to school but when we arrived home early in the evening, it was chilly. I had to find warmer pj's and put on slippers. Well, anyways, I love days and nights like that! Yup, slept like a baby with blankets and all!

This kind of weather makes me want to run around and open every window in the house. It reminds me of pumpkins, turning leaves and baking anything with apples, pumpkin and cinnamon. And I love it! So it is not surprising that I was called to my pumpkin patch to stitch up some orange pumpkins and some smaller gourds in browns and olive green.

Wouldn't these look sweet and festive placed on dinner plates for fall festivities, Halloween, Thanksgiving? The handmade and hand stitched tags are blank so that guests' names can be added. Everyone will know their places at the table and each guest gets to take home a sweet little gourd. They also look cute placed on a windowsill, a small table or in any fall vignette.

I cut several of these pumpkins out of an orange/rust and brown leaf print fabric and stitched up a few already. I used some crocheted doilies on the pumpkins and the small gourds to add some vintage charm and of course some natural elements:  raffia and Spanish moss. I spend the year collecting wine corks to use as stems. Buttons with orange embroidery thread stitches further embellish the raffia bow and the hand stitched tag.

Tomorrow I will stitch up the rest of the remaining orange pumpkins and then head to the fabric stores to see what other fabrics are available for pumpkin and gourd making.

I hope to get an entire set of small gourds to use on my Thanksgiving table this year. I am reminded that last Thanksgiving we spent the holiday having dinner in a nursing home where my mom was rehabbing. They did a wonderful job putting on a full spread which included wine, cheese and appetizers before the meal. Much to be thankful for this year.....

.....and a few more photos of the pumpkin patch!

There....but before I close I have one last fall project that I made to add some fall color to my kitchen.

It's a magnet that I made by recycling a CD. So as you can see, it is a pretty large kitchen magnet and holds up a lot of stuff!

.....and here it is on my fridge! For photo op purposes, it is not holding anything up but I assure you, I have put it to good use! (that reflection to the left of the magnet is a cluster of maple trees as seen outside my kitchen window, in case you were wondering!)

I love fall......just about everything about it....except for what comes next but I'm not even going there right now! I'm just going to savor the sights, sounds and flavors of my favorite season!

Anyone else seeing signs that fall is right around the corner? Do you love fall as much as I do or are you hanging onto summer for dear life?

the year's last loveliest smile."
William Cullen Bryant


  1. Hi there Linda~
    such a creative and beautiful post! Ooo I love your work : )
    Beautifully crafted pumpkins and gourds; so lovely for Fall with
    their natural elements and pretty embellishments~
    To be really honest with you, I am still hanging on to Summer!
    I can't help myself : ) Have a great week-end ahead & thanks for sharing.
    Karen O

  2. Your pumpkins are so cute. A few days ago we had one very nice day and I went and open the windows. How I miss that this year. Now it is back to hot and humid days. I fell like screaming at times, but I know that the it will be over soon, or hope so.

  3. Adorable pumpkins, Linda! Yes, this time of year certainly causes us to want change around the home. I try my best to keep my beautiful window boxes looking good for as long as I can so as to enjoy them even when Fall has arrived. It seems as if once I pull those flowers the surroundings are dreary.
    What a beautiful table setting you will grace for the Thanksgiving Holidays using those adorable pumpkins.
    I remember quite well last years time you spent with your dear mother. Hard to believe it has been a year nearly!!

    Have a most beautiful weekend~~

  4. Oh, dear Linda...upon seeing your post pop up in my blog reader, I had to gasp! ♥ Surely it has not been a year since I last enjoyed your beautiful, pumpkin~inspired posts?? ♥ Oh my...and Autumn has once again arrived in all its splendor for you! Glorious Springtime is slowly making its way to Southern Africa...although I must say, there has been a slight nip in the air this week, indicating that winter is not quite done with us! {{smiles}}
    Happiest of weekends to you...and enjoy Fall decorating, baking and sewing, dear Linda! ♥
    Always a true delight and gift to "visit" with you and see all that you have been creating! {{smiles}}
    Hugs and love...

  5. Dearest Linda,
    what a welcome smell of fall in this so wonderful post of yours, thank you sweetest friend of mine !

    Hope you're enjoying your day, I'm sending my dearest love to you, with utmost gratitude for the works of art you always share

    Xx Dany

  6. Hi Linda, Oh I just love your pumpkins. They are all just adorable with the details you add. I'm working my pumpkin patch too and right now it is a very busy time. So ready for fall. I did do some decorating and once again placed the darling fall angel you gifted me a couple years ago. I love her!
    Wishing you a nice weekend. Take good care. Blessings, xo

  7. The pumpkins are pretty! Have a lovely weekend ♥

  8. What a sweet pumpkin patch you've grown, Linda! Their colors and your writing about the cool weather make me want your autumn so badly. I'll have to experience it through you!

  9. Oh Linda, I'm just in love with your pumpkins and gourds! They have so much vintage charm, even though they're new. Your embellishments just give the perfect touches. I do love your magnet, too. Aren't you clever in using a CD?!
    Yes, I'm so ready for Fall, but it takes awhile to arrive in Texas. However, in September, I start putting out my Autumn, decor because it is such a favorite time of the year. I love the flavors and scents, and of course the baking and making of soups.
    Thanks, dear friend, for sharing your wonderful creativity with us. You're certainly getting me in the mood for decorating. Hopefully you'll be able to host Thanksgiving for your family at your house this year.

  10. Yes I do LOVE FALL!!! and these are going to be just beautiful on your Thanksgiving table or anywhere for that matter, wow they are wonderful!! Your magnet is so pretty too and great idea using the CD as a base!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I just love your pumpkins Linda! And I adore fall! I will have plenty of fall photos shortly as I get time to decorate and the patch gets ready to harvest.