Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Oodles of Zoodles!

A couple of weeks ago I finally decided to follow my youngest daughter's advice. She told me I should get a "VEGGETTI" and make some zucchini and summer squash noodles. Coincidentally at our Weight Watcher's meeting that same week, everyone was talking about how much they loved zucchini noodles.
I ran to Bed, Bath and Beyond and purchased my Veggetti (rhymes with spaghetti, same G sound) It cost $9.99 and it was the best investment I have made in a very long time. It is my new diet BFF and I may have already consumed a bushel basket of zucchini and summer squash all by myself. No matter how I prepare it, I love it! I had a plate for dinner tonight!

This is prepared with just sautéed garlic in olive oil, chopped tomatoe,s kale and spinach. I added pesto and it was delicious! I have prepared this for three evening meals in the past couple of weeks. My husband also loves it so I consider that an added bonus!

Another night I only used olive oil, garlic, parsley.

Added some grated parmesan cheese and it was delicious!

You cannot go wrong with these noodles. I have used shrimp and marinara sauce. Love mushrooms? Throw some in! I literally throw in what I have on hand and it makes a delicious meal every time. A friend of mine cooked up some ground turkey and spices with hers and she said her family loved it. I can't wait to try that as well.

The best part is that it is very filling and as satisfying as eating a large plate of pasta! Now that is some good news if you are watching your waistline!

While we were away for a couple of days, I saw a cold, beet noodle and feta cheese salad on a menu at a restaurant we were at. I would love to try it but I am not sure that I can use my veggetti! I will be looking around for other vegetable noodle makers so I can vary the vegetables that I use though I highly doubt that I will get sick of these zoodles any time soon. I can't believe I waited this long to try it. I guess I figured "how great can they really be?" Well the answer is, they are really, really great! And I love coming up with new ways to prepare them! My husband is a fan too....how do I know? He came through the door the other day with a giant zucchini and summer squash! He was quite proud of himself! LOL!

If you have already tried veggie noodles I would love to hear how you have prepared them. If you haven't tried it, you really should! You won't be disappointed!

Have a great week friends!


  1. I haven't heard of this gadget, Linda, or vegetable noodles. But your dish looks wonderful I'm going to try to get one soon. I have yellow squash and zucchini in the fridge right now.

  2. Dearest Linda,
    after this period of 'interlude' which I had to allow myself due to work reasons - the Short Lets I manage here at Tenuta Geremia, the speech about the Empress of Austria I had to prepare and to perform at the conference which was held last Saturday at Madonna di Campiglio, in our Dolomiti, some works of restoration here and the family to join and follow took me far from the pc for more than a month and a half - I'm so glad to enjoy your artistry again, I've been missing you so much !

    Honestly this recipe of yours has truly won my curiosity, I'd love to try it, thank you, sweet friend of mine !

    Hope you're having the best of weeks I'm sending my dearest love to you

    Xx Dany

  3. What an amazing invention is this Veggetti of yours, Linda. All those dishes with various ingredients and your noodles sound and look delicious! I must hunt one of those Veggettis down.

  4. I tried using a peeler that I have that makes strips, Linda, and sautéed them and added Parmesan. I haven't bought a veggetti yet, and have looked at spiralizers, but I think the veggetti is more my price range, and easier to store, too. I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying the Zoodles. I really must go and buy that gadget. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with us.

  5. Oh my, that looks quite tasty, my friend. I have heard of this little gadget and have thought of getting one, but simply have not. I think I need to {{smiles}}

    Thinking of you, dear one. Wishing you a joyous day! Hugs!

  6. That does sound good. I'll look for them in my stores. It makes me remember the spinach spaghetti I used to buy years ago. I loved it! Hugs!

  7. Oh my! Sounds wonderful! Yummm : )
    Must look for a Veggetti!
    Thanks for sharing with us Linda, Karen O

  8. Hello dear Linda~ your dish looks divine. I heard about this veggeti some time ago and nearly purchased one but didn't. Our whole foods store sells the vegetables already done so maybe that is why I haven't purchased one.
    I want to thank you for your sweet visit on my last post, you are precious my friend.

    Always a joy to visit with you~

  9. I have not tried them, it sounds interesting.

  10. What a great idea! Your dinner looks delicious. I'm all for something that tastes great but doesn't add a lot of carbs/calories. Thanks for sharing this with us all. xo Deborah

  11. Oh my! I have never heard of such a gadget, but you have certainly gotten my attention with your love for it! I love pasta too, but it doesn't love me so much, and this would be a great way to enjoy a vegetable dish, instead of pasta. I will be looking on amazon for one, as I doubt anywhere around here would carry such a thing. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for such a great tool in the kitchen! Hope you are enjoying the last of the summer days... fall is rapidly approaching here :) Hugs to you today my friend!