Monday, July 25, 2016

Shabby Angel Garland

Angel Garland hanging on my hutch

Happy Monday everyone! I confess to not getting a whole lot of sleep last night so pardon me if I seem a little loopy. I stayed up late putting this angel garland together and then when I finally went to bed, (close to midnight) I did not sleep well. I was wide awake at 3:45 am and at 4:00 am I decided I was just going to get up. So I did. According to my fit bit, I got about 4 hours and 34 minutes of sleep. Yawn.....

So you can understand my frustration when my fit bit asked me if I wanted to take it for a walk early this morning. My first thought was;  "yes, let's walk to the nearest cliff and toss you over!" Of course I didn't and it is safely wrapped around my wrist.

Back to my angel garland.....

I have wanted to try a garland using my angel ornaments for a long time. I decided last night that I was just going to give it a try......At first I had less strips and more twine showing but it wasn't doing anything for me. Then I added more strips of torn fabric, tulle, lace and silk sari ribbon and shirred it all together much closer to the angels. Then my garland and I finally made that love connection! I took it all over my house and hung it here and there and it looked sweet everywhere that I hung it.

The two angels are identical or as identical as handmade can be.....

I especially loved the look after I added some wide lace to the other fabric strips....a little texture goes a long way!

You can see the lace better in this photo.

Although I love the way my garland turned out, I think I may add a few more strips of tulle and lace to each section to add a bit more fullness.

There, now that I have completed the design of my garland, I can move on to making the next one. The first one always takes the longest and in this case I lost sleep over it too. No worries, I'll make up for it tonight......Have a great week!

UPDATE: 7/26/2016

As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to add more strips of lace, tulle, etc to my garland.

So I added an additional strip of lace, tulle and torn cotton to each section until I was satisfied with the fullness.

Next I added a torn cotton strip bow to each end of the garland. I made certain to leave plenty of extra twine at the ends for hanging.

There, now I am completely satisfied. It is now as I imagined it.

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  1. It really is beautiful my friend. I love working on a new idea but it can make you a little crazy sometimes! I still have my pretty heart garland across my small bookcase in my bedroom. It looks so pretty and I think of you and what a good friend you are. Enjoy your afternoon! Hugs, Diane

  2. Oh Linda, your angel garland is soooo.... well, angelic and romantic! I love the shabby chic look of it with the colors, and textures. You're so funny about wanting to toss your fit bit over the nearest cliff! Thanks for the chuckle! Yes, I'm sure that your mind was wound up last night, but tonight you'll sleep much better. Happy dreams to you, sweet friend.

  3. Oh you are funny...tossing fit bits over t,he cliff in the middle of the night. You have put a smile in my morning. Getting up in the wee hours of the mornings makes for beautiful angel garlands. It is amazing. All that heavenly loveliness is a sight to behold. I do hope you have l-o-n-g, pleasant dreams tonight, Linda!

  4. Hi Linda, I just love your angel garland. What a beautiful shabby touch. So romantic like Kitty said.
    I know you lost sleep but even with no sleep you certainly created a masterpiece. Everything you touch turns out fabulous.
    It was a grand idea to add your angels to a garland. Have fun with the next one. Hope you get some rest tonight.
    Blessings to you sweet friend. xo

  5. So adorable, and lovely a garland, dear Linda. Your angels so airy and sweet, and hanging between all the lovely fabrics, like flying in white clouds.
    Dorthe, xo

  6. This is darling Linda! I love the little angel ornaments you make and I love that you added more lace. I'm a very lacy kind of girl too!

  7. That was such a great idea to make a garland out of your sweet angels, love the laces, tulle you used, I am sure this would be a great addition to any area!

  8. Beautiful! Very soft and romantic. And I'm sure you slept very well after getting up at 4 a.m.!

  9. Oh Linda, I LOVE your angel garland! It's so sweet, soft, and romantic. And of course {as you know} I love lace so the more there is the better {{smiles}} Stunning creation, my friend.

    Happy weekend to you! Hugs!

  10. How lovely! Such a beautiful garland ♥

  11. Look at creation, Linda.
    I think of you every time I look at my angel and that is daily. :-)
    You do beautiful work with your hands, Linda.

    Enjoy your week~~

  12. Sounds like you had a typical least for me. I rarely get more than 5-6 hours a night. I had a fit bit for all of one week. Couldn't figure the darn thing out so I threw it over a cliff ;).

    Your garland is absolutely delightful!

  13. Linda, you inspire me!! Loving this Angel Garland so much~
    Right down to the smallest details; like the tiny little halo's!!
    And the cream angels against the white of the strips; so soothing~
    OMWord this is pretty. I can see where it would be at home Anywhere
    in the house : ) Thank you for sharing; I love to visit your blog~ Karen O

  14. Traumhaft schöne Dekoration!
    Eine bewundernswerte Arbeit .
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

  15. Hi Linda, Your angel garland is very sweet. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  16. Hello Linda I just wanted to say that your garland is quite magical. I love those darling little angels peaking out in between your rows and rows of tulle, lace and fabrics. The whole garland will look so pretty when hanging. A true sight and treat for all of us lace lovers.
    By the way, not sure if you are interested or not but, I have created more of those lace hearts which are now in my Etsy.
    Thanks for sharing this with us!
    x Suzy