Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gift Sets Galore

Hello friends! Thought I would post some photos of some fun projects that I have been working on. So I'll "talk" and you'll scroll and hopefully I won't run out of pictures before I run out of words.... It started out when a friend needed a gift for a friend.....and well, it appears to have become my latest thing! 

When I was getting ready to make the first set, I knew I wanted to make my usual flat zippered bag set but I also wanted a flat-bottomed bag that would stand on it's own. I sat down to draft a pattern and though I knew what I wanted it to look like, I had to enlist the help of my husband to help me with the angles and the actual pattern. I will totally confess and own my spacial relations problem, I have a similar problem with directions. You say east or west, I hear blah, blah, blah....but you say right or left and I'm there!

Anyways, this purple gift set was the first set I made . I ended up making another for my ETSY shop because I loved the fabric so much.

I made a little heart package tie-on to coordinate with the gift set. OK, that was really fun!.....and really where this all began!

My personal favorite is this pink, gray and white set. I fell in love with gray a couple of years ago and I have always loved pale pink. So it's a winning color combination as far as I am concerned! I used some silk sari ribbon and pale pink tulle for the bow on the heart.

All of the inside linings coordinate nicely with the outside fabrics. This little gray and white dot print fabric looks sweet with the chevron and anchor print fabric.

The last one I will show you tonight (though I have more but it is too dark to photograph them) is this gray and white chevron print tote bag lined with a yellow and gray chevron print. I did a mix and match set of zippered bags for the tote. I love this set too.....

I stitched up a heart ornament from the yellow chevron to "tie it all together." ....added a gray bow and a cute little yellow satin flower.

I like the pop of yellow on these gray bags! 

I have really enjoyed creating these little gift sets.... and I have several other sets cut out and ready to stitch up.

Well it appears that I have run out of photos before running out of words so I will let you go for now. I have a very busy week ahead. My youngest daughter is coming home midweek for a very quick visit and I am really looking forward to that! She's turning 21 at the end of the month. I don't know where the time has gone.....

Before I let you go, I would like to ask that you please keep all of our law enforcement officers in your thoughts and prayers. It's been another heartbreaking day.......goodnight friends!


  1. Oh, my giddy aunt, Linda; soooo much eye candy. Every single bag, heart and that oh-so-cute anchor are quite simply, divine. I love your choice of fabrics and when one peeps inside, their coordinating interiors. The fabrics are so pretty. I too have the pink/grey/white fabric in my stash as well; it is pretty, isn't it. Alas I cannot choose a favourite....ALL....and I mean ALL.....are fabulous!! Me thinks I might have to start calling you "the bag lady". =) This post has put a sunshiny smile on my face on a rather dull and rainy day down here...thank you!

  2. Oh my... Dear Linda! I am absolutely in love with each beautiful gift set you've created... The fabrics...the design...the finishing touches ~ all so gorgeous and girly! You are truly inspirational... these so much!
    Wishing you a delightful new week!

  3. Oh my... Dear Linda! I am absolutely in love with each beautiful gift set you've created... The fabrics...the design...the finishing touches ~ all so gorgeous and girly! You are truly inspirational... these so much!
    Wishing you a delightful new week!

  4. Linda,
    You are enjoying your Summer and creating beautiful and useful projects all at the same time.
    I just don't know how you make these! For me it would be a project that would be unattainable and yet these gift sets are perfect-lined and have zippers! I love each and everyone and the fabric that you have chosen as well.
    Happy Birthday to your dear daughter and have a really fun visit!

    Yes, we all must gather together and pray for our world, our country and our police officers.
    We are in treacherous times.
    Thinking of you!

  5. I love the pink set with the anchors! You have so many great ideas and always have those special touches. It is a sad time for our nation. I'm praying...and staying busy! Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. All of your sets are just so pretty, Linda, and I love how you've tied them together. Your fabric choices are perfect!
    Yes, we live in scary times and we must pray for the world!

  7. My oh my, you have been quite the busy little bee creating beautiful items :) Everything is simply lovely, my friend! The bags are so perfectly made and the little anchor ornament is just too cute!

    Happy Monday, dear one. Love and hugs!

  8. Hi Linda, WOW I just love your darling gift sets. The fabrics and designs are darling. I adore how you added a sweet fabric charm with each too. You have been busy and the results are amazing!!
    Yes, we pray for our country, police officers and all those who have lost loved ones. We are living in very scary times!!

    Blessings always dear friend. xo

  9. Beautiful, just beautiful each and every one! I love the pink and grey first and foremost, but that yellow comes in real close to first as well. Linda, you have done a wonderful job with these and I am quite sure that you will sell them with no problem.

    Enjoy the time with your daughter.

    Love to you~~

  10. These are such beautiful sets, love the fabrics, my favorite is the yellow with the gray... your little hearts and anchors that go with them are so sweet too. I hope you enjoy a great visit with your daughter, time really does go by way too quickly. I do pray for the officers and their families

  11. These are all lovely, Linda. I'm sure anyone who is given one of these sets will love using it and appreciate all the work you put into it. They remind me so much of the small embroidered silk bags I used to see in antique stores, maybe they were called lingerie bags? People used to put such craftsmanship in textiles, didn't they?