Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Teacup Swap Reveal

The latest addition to my teacup collection! So pretty..... let me start at the beginning......

Stephanie who blogs at The Enchanting Rose recently held her 8th Teacup/Mug Exchange and I cheerfully participated. Stephanie's post with links to all of the participant's posts can be found HERE!

I was delighted to receive the most beautiful package in the mail; beautifully wrapped and just a lovely collection of little gifts including the sweetest teacup and saucer which also came with a coordinating larger plate. I have been using it for a dessert plate, breakfast or luncheon plate. It's the perfect size!

This package of treasures was sent by my newest teacup swap friend--Kelly Deal whose blog is  Dreaming of Vintage. I have spent quite a bit of time reading through some of her posts and scrolling through her photos as I have been a follower of hers for quite some time and have admired her work which is usually very vintage inspired. This explains why her cards, tags, etc are so appealing to me. She uses some similar items in her projects that I use and her work is just wonderful! You will have to check her blog out for yourself!

My gifts were all wrapped up in a Paris box which is a gift all by itself. I absolutely love these boxes and use them to keep some of my sewing and crafting supplies in.


After.....All the treasures I found inside my box....two sweet little tea themed dish towels which are hanging on my stove, a bag full of a variety of teas to try (and I have a new favorite!!!), A cute little pink Paris notebook and package of tissues, a sweet little white ceramic dish, two embellished tea mug mats, a tea strainer, a fabric tea wallet which has already been packed and found it's way into my bag.....a lovely, handwritten note from Kelly and of course, the beautiful teacup, saucer and plate. I love the design on the cup-- pretty, dainty, with a vintage feel. The bird is so cute!

Once I had opened everything, and oohed and aahed sufficiently, I packed everything back up in the sweet little box and admired it some more....

I sat it on the end table next to the couch where I was sitting and admired it all evening! Truly!

Eventually I realized that in order to drink some tea in that sweet little cup, I was going to have to dismantle my box of goodies.....and I did!  AND I am so glad I did! My first tea in the cup was a Lady Grey Tea and I loved it! So I have a new favorite tea!

Thank you very much Kelly for this parcel of pure perfection! I loved every item that you chose to include and I felt completely pampered by your thoughtfulness. It completely made my day!
Since I have placed the cup, saucer and plate in my cupboard of all white dishes, I am greeted with it every morning and of course I think of you!

I sent a teacup package off to Deborah Montgomery who blogs at The Beautiful Matters. She has a  section on her lovely blog specifically for Tea related posts which is where I headed first!  In my excitement to get her package sent out in a timely manner, I had everything wrapped before realizing that I forgot to snap photos of each item. So once Deborah's post is published, I will edit my post and add a link to her photos. I did manage to photograph the wrapped items and the teacup....

Update:  Visit Deborah's Teacup post here!

All wrapped up and somewhere to go.....

My husband actually found Deborah's teacup in an antique shop we were shopping in while picking up my daughter in Rhode Island. I fell in love with it, violets, platinum edging and all.....

Deborah, Kelly and I have already exchanged some emails and I look forward to getting to know both of them! We share many similar interests!

I cannot wait for the next teacup swap....Stephanie does an amazing job of organizing this event for us and I am so thankful!  Much thought, time and effort goes in to planning and coordinating this event so Thank you Stephanie from the bottom of my heart!  Imagine all the newly formed friendships!......167 participants this time around from all over the world! So remarkable!

I don't know who said this, but ain't it the truth.....

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy tea, and that's kinda the same thing."


  1. Oh sweet friend, you were certainly spoiled by your lovely gifts!! The trio set is so pretty and all the other gifts are so thoughtful. I loved seeing all your goodies and sharing in your excitement. What a blessing it is to give AND receive in this most wonderful exchange of our dear friend, Stephanie. Enjoy your and hugs to you!

  2. I forgot to mention what a gorgeous teacup that your hubby found for Deborah...I'm swooning!! ❤️

  3. I'm so happy you received such a lovely box of gifts, including such a pretty cup. You were so generous yourself! I felt the same way, leaving all your gifts on display for a couple days, just to admire it all! I am going to visit Kelly for sure, because anything with "vintage" in the title is right up my alley!
    And I'm glad you mentioned the teacup came from Rhode Island (via NH!) I like to imagine stories when I use the vintage cups, and since I visited Rhode Island as a child, I can picture one when I'm using this cup.
    Have a lovely day Linda. xo Deborah

  4. Wonderful package and so nice that you found a new tea you like too!

  5. Hi Linda, oh I love that quote!! You received such a gorgeous trio set from dear Kelly. She is such a sweetheart and gifted you with such pretties to go with your cup. Lady Grey is also one of my favorite teas too.
    Love the cup you sent to Deborah as well. Her post was a delight, seeing all the gifts you gave to her. This has been so much fun once again and thanks to Sweet Stephanie for all she does. She really is a blessing to us all.
    Have a special day my friend.
    p.s. I still love the cup I received from you several years ago. It is a treasure TY.

  6. Hi Linda! I already read Deborah's post about her absolutely LOVELY package from you...what a wonderful collection of gifts! I oohed and aahed over that charming teacup too! Like you, I had a hard time "looking" at my box of lovelies too...and I have even more fun photographing it all! Yes, this truly is a fun, fun exchange! Blessings!

  7. Hello Linda~ It sounds like you were extraordinarily blessed by Kelly!! (She is a peach)
    So happy for you to have been involved. So much blessing in both giving and receiving; I believe God was honored in this whole extravaganza!! : ) Enjoy your sweet new treasures! And hope your week is going well~ Karen O

  8. What a beautiful tea cup you received. The one you sent out is very pretty as well. :) You received some delightful treasures. I'm glad you joined in on the fun! :D


  9. Hi Linda, you received such beautiful gifts. I absolutely love that tea cup with the additional plate. I imagine it would be quite striking in a cabinet with white dishes. The items you sent out were also quite nice.

  10. I'm finding it so nice to capture the excitement in many of the reveal posts and your packing everything back in the box to admire is sweet. There is a real feeling of friends sharing over tea from Stephanie's exchange.

  11. Hello Linda~~ I have pretty much visited these lovely ladies throughout my day and enjoying every moment of bliss as I read each blog. I stand amazed at the love and generosity that is poured out in every package. Isn't it something that you rarely see duplicates.
    Kelly gifted you with a treasure trove of beauties! Wow wow wow!
    And you, my dear, what a beautiful package you shared with Deborah. You ALWAYS find the most beautiful teacups and now your husband is becoming just like you.
    Bless you~~

  12. Oh Linda, such joy in a package... I can so understand just putting it all in the box and just looking at the beauty of it! So lovely to enjoy, all the gorgeous little goodies that you received! I do so love the tea cup you chose to send out too, and your package to Deborah so lovingly wrapped and put together... I still delight over the goodies you sent me on the last exchange, I was so blessed to have you as my partner :) I do love Lady Grey too. Enjoy it all, such wonderful fun this is, and such a dear Stephanie is to put it all together for us! Much love to you Linda!

  13. Sweet friend, what a gorgeous package from Kelly! My, she went all out, didn't she?

    The tea cup trip is oh-so-pretty and feminine and I just love all the little extras she included. And the tea cup you sent to Deborah - wow! Simply beautiful, dear friend.

    Thank you for joining the exchange one again, lovely Linda. Much love and sweet hugs to you!

  14. What a boxful of pretty gifts you received. I love, love, LOVE your gorgeous teacup, saucer and plate. The design is amazing. The pretty violet teacup you gifted Deborah is so lovely and delicate. I love the shape of the cup and the fluted saucer is so pretty.

  15. What a cute blog you have! The package you received was exquisite! The tea cup I sent out was also an antique. I really had a lot of fun shopping for it.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. What a delightful package! Love the sweet bird-themed trio set and teacup towels. Purple is my favourite colour so I admire the lovely teacup that you sent to Deborah.

  17. Oh how very pretty. Thank you for visiting me... have a beautiful Sunday.

  18. Absolutely lovely china you have sent and received! What a great exchange this is.

    Very best wishes