Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pink Odds and Ends

Hello friends! Today I have some odds and ends to share and it just so happens that everything is pink. As a matter of fact, at this very moment, as I sit here typing this post, it looks like a pink explosion happened on my dining room table: pink fabric, pink sari ribbon, pink tulle and my newest angel dressed in pink.

I haven't made an angel ornament in months and I have been suffering from angel withdrawal so this afternoon I put one angel ornament together in a sweet little pink vintage-style print fabric. I used a very wide pale pink lace for her robe. I purchased a large bundle of this lace at an antique shop--it appears to me to be a lingerie lace and it has a nice scalloped edge and a slight discoloration from age which only adds to the look I was trying to create.

The wings are constructed from two layers of white twist paper and two layers of pale pink tulle. She wears the usual faux pearl halo and a little paper rose in her tousled Spanish moss hair. I used silver wire for her hanger and attached a pink tulle bow.

She eventually came together and she turned out very sweet but I must confess that I was all thumbs while I was working on her. I'm not sure what's up with that.....

.......Anyways, on Friday, my dear friend picked me up and we went antique shop-hopping and out for breakfast. We went to three little shops and I spent a whopping $15.00. On what? Well, first I found this beautiful 60" x 90" cross-stitched, linen tablecloth.

I absolutely love this tablecloth! I washed  it and when I took it out of the dryer it had that wonderful linen feel to it! Do you know the "feel" I am talking about? It's a very nice quality linen and well worth $5.00.

The cross-stitching must have taken forever to complete.

A closer look.....

I also bought myself two tea cups that were $5.00 each. This one is very sweet and dainty. I love the little pink rosebuds. I sure do enjoy shopping for tea cups and adding them to my collection. I thought I would only collect twelve and then begin collecting mismatched plates as I would also like to collect a complete set of mismatched china. But when I got my twelve tea cups I didn't want to stop....or maybe I can't stop! You can't really ever have too many tea cups anyways, right?

Well folks, my hands are frozen so it's time to stop typing so I can go run my hands under some hot water. It's downright cold here. I woke up to a dusting of snow and more is on the way for tomorrow. Just two days ago it was 71 degrees.....par for the course here in New England.

Goodbye friends! Happy April!

PS Stay tuned for Stephanie's Tea Cup/Mug Swap Reveal--sometime towards the end of April.

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  1. I love old cross stitch linens! Yours is lovely. And your newest angel dressed in that luscious shade of old pink lingerie lace is darling.

    I hope it warms up there soon!

    1. Thank you Dewena! The tablecloth is huge, I folded it in half for the photo. I can't wait to use it! If it doesn't warm up here soon, I may be knocking on the door of your new home, LOL! Good luck with the move!!!
      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Your angel is a beauty, Linda! I love her vintage look and marvel at your creativity.
    How lucky to find the cross stitched linen and the TEACUPS! What a great deal on everything, too. I love bringing out different teacups for the seasons and use a different one each day.
    Happy Sunday, my friend!

    1. Hi Kitty!
      Thank you!!! It's been so long and it was nice to spend some time crafting today! Yes, you certainly do have quite the teacup collection! I admire all of your beautiful teacups, teapots and table settings!!! I hope to have such a wonderful collection someday myself! I use a different cup each day too! I used the one you gave me a couple of days ago!! :) I found one just like it at the local antique store and then I realized it was chipped :( so I didn't buy it....almost had a pair!!! I bet it's warm where you are, I am so, so chilled. Have a great week! xo

  3. Oh, I definitely know that linen feel after laundering 'pretties'! Your cross stitch linen was a serendipitous find, as were those pretty tea cups. Your angel is a vision splendid in all her beautiful pink lace and tulle confectionery. =) Your dining table sounds like heaven, covered in pink pretties.

    1. Hi Kim,
      LOL, I'm not sure my dining table looks like heaven, it's not terribly organized but at least it all pretty and pink!! I always spread out and make an enormous mess when I'm creating something! Thank you for visiting and for understanding that freshly washed linen feel!!! It's nice to have our obsessions validated!!!!LOL!

  4. What wonderful pink you've shared, my dear Linda ... I love your tablecloth and your tea cup so much, they're truly my alley !!!

    Sending blessings on your new week
    with love


  5. Your newest angel is a beauty Linda and would be a perfect Mother's Day gift. Also, the new tablecloth seemed to be made to order with your newest teacup. I remember my grandmother had a teapot with roses and gold trim very similar to that. Have a great week!

  6. The tablecloth , tea cup and angel are wonderful! Many years ago, I used to do stamped embroidery and made several tablecloths similar to the one you showcased. I wish I had them now...


  7. The pink angel is lovely. I love the many textures of her.

  8. Oh Linda you do such a beautiful job with your angels, they are so precious, the details you put into them is just wonderful!! I love that table cloth, I do know what you mean about the feel of the linen and it looks like whomever made it did a great job on the stitching, so glad these old items will be put to use again :)

  9. I do so love pink, and your beautiful pink angels are just darling! I'm sorry to hear that you are still getting snow! We have green grass coming up here now, and I can hardly believe it! I also just loved the pink linen you found, and the beautiful tea cups... one can never have enough tea, I don't think! 5.00 is a really good buy for them too!!! Hopefully spring will be headed your way soon :)

  10. I am in awe of that tablecloth for $5!! I never ever find deals like that. It's so pretty. Days with a friend when you can shop a little and eat a little are the best. Aren't they?

    So glad you shared this at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. :)