Saturday, December 3, 2016

Skating Children--Take Two

These three little Victorian children have skated right into my I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to try and make an ornament using this very sweet image.The first one I created is the one with the ivory cotton lace ruffle. I wasn't sure where I was going with this design-wise but I did know that I wanted these ornaments to be one-of-a-kind.

These are medium to large sized ornaments compared to some tree ornaments I hang on my tree. They measure approximately 5"x 4", though the lace on the ornament pictured above extends slightly over the edges making the dimensions closer to 6" x 5". They look beautiful on a tree, and would also make a nice decorative piece hanging from a peg or doorknob....

This one has a vintage lace hanger and a tulle bow.

The second one turned out well, and it has crinkled bias tape bows, some braided trim and a vintage lace hanger. A little heart button was added in the corner.

Here it hangs from the door of my hutch.

Here is the third one....... I really like this one a lot. But then again I have a hankering for doilies....I'm told that not everyone does....can you even imagine?

Yes, this is definitely my I decided to make a similar one to send off to a friend of mine...

.......and now I have a new favorite! I love the vintage lace on this one and how they look together. It's a lot like creating a collage which I have always love to do. Could there be anything more gratifying then collaging with lace?  Although that was a rhetorical question, if I were to answer it, the answer would be no!

I hope I can get my hands on some more of this lace. It came in a bag of lace remnants and there was only a little bit of this particular ecru lace, about a 1/2 yard. I love it!

I have now made two bags and four pillow ornaments from this image. I also printed tags for each item using the same image printed on card stock and outlined with gold glitter paint. It adds a nice touch either attached to the pillow or bag with a pin or used as a gift tag or gift enclosure card.

I have really enjoyed creating these charming little ornaments and I hope that I can find time to make one for my own Christmas tree. I also have purchased some new graphics and I am looking forward to using them on future projects, so stay tuned!

Oh my! It's after midnight and I have to get up early tomorrow so I will say goodnight and wish all of you a wonderful weekend. It's going to be a cold one especially on Sunday but I have lots of craft fairs to go to and a cookie swap to attend so I won't even notice the weather! Night friends!

***Image by FrenchPaperMoon***

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Three Victorian Children on Skates

Night before last, I purchased this sweet French postcard graphic of these Victorian children skating in their beautiful period attire. I found this beauty at FrenchPaperMoon on Etsy.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it too! So I printed it on cotton fabric and stitched it to some painter's canvas drop cloth and voila!....a zipper bag! I added a bit of trim, some mismatched buttons, some crinkled seam binding and a metal zipper.

It turned out so cute and I enjoyed stitching it up and adding all the embellishments.

I wanted something very specific for the lining and I looked and looked but just couldn't find exactly what I had in mind. As I was about to leave the store I noticed the remnant bin and in there was about a yard of this beautiful, bronze-like/ brown colored home decorator fabric with some sheen to it. PERFECT! It added just the right amount of richness and weight to the bag.

These sweet faces are hard not to fall in love with....and their clothing is beautiful! Can you imagine skating in those clothes?

I added a coordinating tag with the care instructions on the back.

Then I felt the urge to make another bag....I enjoyed making it that much.

Though I ran out of the taupe colored trim that I used on the first bag, the ivory cotton lace worked as well and added a nice touch.

This adorable little threesome inspired me to do a little sewing and now that these bags are done, I can think of many more ways that I would like to use this graphic. I am thinking that they would look so cute as little embellished fabric ornaments and that may just be my next project.

Follow up post:  Ornaments made from with this same image, CLICK HERE!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Today's Sewing Project--Tulip Purse

Last night I began stitching up a bag using one of my favorite patterns. It's been a while since I made one of these bags. Every year my mom puts in "an order" for a new one so I have been looking around for just the right fabric. I haven't located hers yet but I did purchase a couple bundles of coordinating fat quarters in pretty browns, golds and metallic some time ago and I have been dying to make a bag from these fabrics. See above.

I apologize for the quality of these photos. There are plenty of shadows because it got darker earlier than I had planned and I needed to use an overhead light. Our first day of early darkness was today and I never welcome the shorter days. It sort of signals winter and hibernation and eat lots of comfort food!.....

The fabric is a richer golden brown than what you see here. I love this fabric. I went online to see if I could find some more but did not have any luck. The pattern used here is Janice Pope's 2 Hour Tulip Bag. It whips up in a couple of hours just like the pattern claims. I like to give it my own touches and in this case I made a fabric button from  a coordinating fabric and made a button loop from the main fabric. You can also use elastic loops, or tabs, magnetic snaps etc....

The inside has another pocket. I used the same pocket pattern that is on the outside. There is also an option for a small rectangular pocket. After making several of these bags for myself, I prefer the larger, deeper pocket.

It's very roomy inside when opened. (8" sides) Boy, the color is way off in this photo.

The straps are 22" long. So it can be used as a handbag but also can be carried over the shoulder. Generally for shoulder bags I add another couple of inches to the strap especially for when I am wearing bulkier clothing.

Using the pattern for a small zipper pouch, (finished dimensions are 6" x 4 1/2") I stitched up this matching pouch which fits inside the bag or even in the inside pocket.

The lining of the zipper bag is the same fabric that I used for the button on the purse.

Janice Pope's pattern is very easy to follow, works up quickly and can be easily customized. I have made these bags up in cotton, corduroy, denim from recycled jeans. You can find links on my sidebar to other tulip bags that I have made. (under most popular posts)

This pattern comes with four different sizes: Petite, Standard, Large and Jumbo. This bag was made using the large size. I have made several in the standard size as well but have not yet used small or jumbo. 

Well, I've got some more sewing to do and a very busy week ahead, so I'll leave you for now. Have a wonderful week.  

*******Just a reminder that Jemma will be entering her Week 2  of Etsy Christmas Shopping and she will be featuring new shops this week. Click here to visit Jemma's Blog  

Good bye friends! Don't forget to VOTE!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Jemma's Etsy Christmas Shopping Series

Etsy Christmas Shops

Today begins the first in a series of Etsy shop features that Jemma, who blogs at At Home with Jemma, has so wonderfully taken on to promote small business shopping! I am so happy to be among the shops she will be featuring. To read further about today's featured shops please Click here! My Etsy Shop Eastern Ave Designs is one of today's featured shops! I welcome you to stop by!

In October, Jemma wrote a post on her blog about the memories of shopping local in mom and pop stores many years ago, that it was more of a personal shopping experience and how she has a strong desire to return to the holiday shopping "basics" of the good old days. I think many of us can relate to the days of downtown shopping in quaint little shops where we actually knew the shop owners and their families. I certainly can! I also miss those days!

So when Jemma asked me if I would be interested in participating in this shopping series, I was very excited!

You'll want to visit her blog to read all about it and to see the shops she will be featuring over the next few weeks. 

Also, by stopping by Jemma's blog you'll be able to grab information about discount codes for some "local etsy shopping" .....and even if your holiday shopping is already completed, you'll want to stop by Jemma's blog just because!!! She is a wonderful talented writer who shares her love of family, home, food, fun and fashion with us!

Mini Santa Ornament in my Etsy Shop

Newest Ivory and gold glitter, paper and lace angels

I am delighted to be part of her Etsy Christmas Shopping series! Thank you so much Jemma!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

More Than One Santa

As I was snapping photos of my "hot off the press"  Christmas ornaments, I couldn't help but think back to the days when each of my daughters was tiny and excited about Santa's visit. Without fail, every Christmas one of them would ask for us to explain the multiple Santas we would run into at malls, stores or waving to us in traffic....."how come there are so many Santas", "is that Santa or one of his helpers," that the real Santa Claus?" I tended to lean on the theory that Santa was too busy in the North Pole to come himself so he sent some of his best elves (helpers) to fill in for him...they never questioned my answer.....sigh.... I do miss those magical days....

I  have a very large collection of Santa Claus ornaments because I have always loved that "right jolly old elf."  Many years ago I made almost enough Santa ornaments to cover my entire Christmas tree and I still use them. This year I decided to come up with a new and improved pattern so that I could stitch up a few Santas for my Etsy Shop.

I am a bit embarrassed to say that I sat at my dining room table a long time trying to come up with a pattern,  Let's face it, it's a pretty simple shape, but I couldn't get the face pattern right....over an hour later, I finally settled on a pattern and started cutting some pieces out of red fabric. I used off white canvas drop cloth for the face which I attached with fusible web. I put one Santa together first to see if I liked it....and I did! As it turned out, the shape of the face did not even matter because it is completely covered by the beard. So I made some more!

I used tassels on the hood that I removed from a vintage tablecloth....I knew they would eventually come in handy for something!

A sprig of Christmas greenery with glitter adds a festive touch to his velvet-like coat and hat.....they are about 9" tall x 3" wide.

I think they are all starting to get annoyed by all the photo taking...

Here a couple of Santas are purposely looking away from the camera! So I think I will call this photo shoot over and done with!

Once I have all of my red Santas done, I'll be making some Santas out of green velvet with gold and ivory trimmings. I hope to start some this evening. I will share them at a later date.....

Good night friends! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Another Tea Cup Exchange

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Stephanie graciously hosted her 9th Tea Cup and Mug Exchange and I was so, so happy to participate once again. 
Today is the reveal day..... and I am excited to reveal the contents of  the very lovely package I received from Debbie Harris who blogs at She Graces Her Home in God's Beauty. In case you are not aware, she is also mom to our tea cup swap hostess!

My package arrived and much to my surprise and delight,  I recognized the return address as belonging to someone I had sent a tea cup to some time ago! 

I took my package out to the back porch, sat on my wicker love seat and proceeded to open it,  fully planning to enjoy opening every little treasure! Pink and gold was the theme! Just look how pretty everything is!

It was the loveliest collection of pink and gold! Feast your eyes on this pretty teacup! It is exquisite!

......and the little gold spoon! It has a sweet little rose on the end of the handle. I fell in love with it! I had been in my favorite antique shop earlier in the week looking for a gold spoon as I realized so many of my tea cups are edged in gold. Debbie may not know it yet, but she has started me on my latest collection: my gold spoon collection!

You may have noticed the beautiful gold and ivory accessories. They are beautiful and make such a perfect table setting. Debbie purchased these from Stephanie's Etsy shop and they are just stunning! If you haven't stopped by her shop, here is the link! So much prettiness!

In this photo, note the fabric flower on the left side of the mug mat. It's a bit difficult to make out here but there are pink stones set in gold. It matches so perfectly!

It's a little easier to see here!  I just kept looking at it over and over again! 

Here are more treasures!....some delicious white loose leaf tea (YUM!), chocolates (which my husband and I devoured) and a book, "Vintage Tea Party." I have been enjoying this book in the evenings after dinner. It sits on my end table in the living room and I read and reread the interesting facts and history of making tea, the proper way to make tea (I've been doing it all wrong for years!) and so many delicious recipes.

Last but certainly not least, Debbie included a jar of her homemade Raspberry Preserves. I had it on my toast every morning until it was all used up. It was delicious! I cannot believe that I have never tried my hand at making jam.....Debbie has inspired me to give it a try! I think I will start with raspberry jam as it is one of my favorites!

I was so touched by the generosity of Debbie's gift and the thoughtfulness that went in to putting this perfectly pink and gold package together for me! It happened to arrive on a day that I was feeling a bit weary and overwhelmed, so to say that it lifted my spirits immensely is an understatement! 

Thank you Debbie for these lovely gifts and the sweetest gift of all--your friendship! You are such an inspiration to me!
Now, I'd like to introduce you to Martha who blogs at Martha's Favorites. I was given her name in the swap and enjoyed shopping and sewing for her! 

I stitched up a few things to include in her package.....

and sent her the tea cup that you see pictured above. You can read all about it here!

I look forward to reading more of her blog and getting to know her. I've seen some gorgeous tea cups posted on her blog. Fuel for my I need more fuel.....;)

So another tea cup exchange has come to a close....I'm already looking forward to the next. As always I am very thankful to Stephanie for putting this swap together for all of us to enjoy. As my collection of tea cups grows I am reminded that my collection of friends is growing at the same pace. That, my friends, is a blessing!

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

That's a Wrap!

Hello Friends and Happy Fall! It's a bright, sunny fall day here in NH and it's a bit cool! But that's OK because I recently made this comfy, cozy wrap/shawl/poncho and it's a perfect layer to the morning coolness that we experienced outside this morning.

I stitched this up in about an hour from a blanket/throw I purchased on sale at Joanne Fabrics. I believe I ended up paying a whopping $13.99 for it. I love wardrobe pieces like this: budget friendly, functional, practical and well.....fashionable too!

I asked my husband to go outside this morning and photograph me wearing my new wrap and he was only happy to do so!

I wrapped an orange and brown scarf around in sort of a cowl neck. I always wear scarves! This one was made by a friend of mine several years ago. Please forgive my ratty jeans and sneakers!

The photo shoot started out with a serious tone.....

....and at about this time my husband started joking with me.....I'll spare you the details!

Abrupt end to my photo shoot.....couldn't find my straight face after that. 

As I mentioned earlier, this is a perfect lightweight layer for a fall day and I plan to wear it all week as it's supposed be a little cool.

How did I do it? Since I have made ponchos before I knew that I could fold the blanket in half with the fringe at the bottom and cut up the middle of the top layer to make an opening. But I also wanted to cut out an actual neckline. I looked around the house for a neckline to copy and couldn't find one of my ponchos to use for a template. So I googled "making ponchos from blankets" and sure enough several popped up. I direct you to the link of one of my favorites--Click Here. I love the way she uses a plate for a template as I do the very same thing. My large pizza stone comes in very handy when I need a larger circle.....Another link that shows a similar project--Click here. She also uses a plate as a template!

Basic Supplies, I later decided to add bias binding to the front cut edges and neckline.....

I got right down on the floor for this project!

I determined the middle of the blanket (poncho front). In this case it happened to be the fold line and I cut right up the middle of the top layer until I reached the plate. Please note: only 1/2 of the plate is actually on the blanket for the template)

Then I cut around the 1/2 the plate, removed the plate and cut straight across to remove piece as pictured below.

I finished all cut edges with a zig zag stitch on my sewing machine.

Then I folded over the finished edge 1/2" and pinned all the way around.

Using a regular straight stitch (and using a variegated orange, brown thread) I stitched the folded edge all the way around. I could have stopped here but since my blanket was not wool, ( it was light acrylic) I chose to make an extra trip to the fabric store for some 7/8" wide bias binding tape to finish my edge. It made a very neat edge as well as added some structure to the lightweight fabric particularly around the neckline..  See below:


Front opening edges....If I find time to make another poncho, , I may bind all of the outside edges. This is not visible from the front, and was intended only to stabilize and hide the raw edge.

I added the chunky faux wood button and a snap to the inside front to help keep it slightly asymmetrical when closed.

I love it!

After I had finished stitching this, I got this idea in my head that if I purchased another identical blanket, I could cut a nice, wide matching scarf from the fabric. By cutting in the opposite direction than I did to make the actual poncho, (in other words, fringe side to other fringe side) I could have had a nice wide, coordinating, fringed scarf. When I went back to Joann's the blankets had sold out. Sad face! 

I recently bought some pretty fleece to make a similar wrap. The pattern is asymmetrical but shorter than this poncho and it also has a chunky button closure. I hope to get to that this week.

Time has a way of getting away from me these days. I actually made this poncho a couple of weeks ago and started writing this post a week ago. In the middle of all this, I had an overnight commitment out of town, lost a couple days, had some other things to catch up on and was able to take some time today to "wrap up this post!

I hope everyone is enjoying some beautiful fall weather! Here in NH, it has been especially sunny and the foliage is always! Fall in New England never disappoints! 

Have a nice weekend!