Sunday, October 11, 2015

Some Leaf Peeping and a Couple of Projects

Yesterday, my husband and I took a drive about an hour south and drove through some beautiful New England towns in all their fall glory. I thought about bringing my camera but it's just so easy to pack lightly and rely on the phone camera.....which I did.....with regrets!

The colors are really showing in all their splendor now. It happened rather quickly. Earlier in the week, trees were mostly golden. Now there are some of the most beautiful shades of red! Driving on roads lined with beautifully colored trees is an experience all itself.

This spot still had a lot of green but it was a golden shade of green, not quite completely gold, but it glowed in the sun! I love the golden shades. My backyard is completely golden!

This was a beautiful spot though my phone camera did not capture it at all. There were several canoes out there. If you look really closely you can see canoes at about 11:00 and 12:00 in the photo. I didn't get out of the car to take this photo as it was a very narrow road and there were also cars behind us.

It was such a perfect fall day for a drive and for leaf peeping. The roads were very busy and every place that we stopped was mobbed by hikers, picnickers and leap peepers.

Today my husband has returned to the area to hike about 15 miles along some trails that he has been hiking on Fridays all summer and early fall. This past Friday was a rainy day so he returned today to do some hiking.

I stayed home to complete some projects. Here's what I have been working on:

A more traditional version of my angel.....I've added two layers of tulle to her wings.

and some more little Christmas tree ornaments....

This is actually a set of 3 ornaments. Can you guess what the third ornament says?

"How lovely are your branches".....I have loved that song since I was a very little girl.

This particular set of tree ornaments is constructed from a deconstructed vintage pillowcase. Even the tree trim is made from the tatted edging of the pillow. They are very sweet.

Well I have a lot of work to do today while my husband is off hiking in the woods so I'm going to let you go and wish you a wonderful long weekend if you are lucky enough to have one! Even if you aren't, there's still plenty of two day weekend left so get outside and enjoy this beautiful fall day. The sun is shining,

AND.....'s going to be 80 degrees later in the week. How is this possible you ask? The simple answer is because I got up nice and early this morning to pack away all of my summer clothes. I knew if I packed them away, it would warm up again! So, you are welcome! ENJOY!