Sunday, October 4, 2015

Vintage Delight

Bag of goodies

I went on a quest to find some vintage laces and fabrics over the weekend and stopped at an antique barn in Vermont that I have never stopped at before. It looks a bit uninviting from the outside so we have passed it by on other trips through the town. For some reason this time I asked my husband to turn around so we could stop there and I am so glad I did. I will definitely be going back there again!

See that bag full of goodies above? Let me show you what's in there! I apologize for the lighting. It was a very bright, beautiful sunny day!

First let me show you this broomstick lace throw! It is beautiful creamy off white! It caught my eye within seconds of walking into the barn. It is in mint condition!.......and it gets better!

There were two! I knew I was not leaving the shop without these beauties! They are very large and no pulls, snags, holes or stains! I did a little happy dance!

Then I found lace! Lots of lace trimming!

There are several yards of this pale pink lace, and it is gorgeous! I snatched that right up!

This photo shows the actual color of the lace better. It is a lovely pale pink!

Then there was this piece of white gathered lace. There is about 2 yards. It will be perfect for my angel ornaments! So pretty!

I found this pretty piece of ecru lace which is absolutely beautiful! It has large roses on it!

This is another bunch of ecru ruffled lace. There is several yards here!

....and here is some off white cotton flat lace trim that I can use for many of my sewing projects.

I am loving my lace purchases and the beautiful cotton lace throws are just the icing on my lace cake! Tomorrow I am going to gently launder my throws. Then I am just going to stare at them!