Monday, September 28, 2015

There's a Chill in the Air

When I woke up this morning, there was a bit of a chill in the house. Fall has definitely arrived! Since it is way too early to turn the heat on (I like to try to make it to October) I decided there was only one thing left to do: BAKE! So I cranked the oven up to 400 degrees.....

....and I made some Blueberry Scones before I even had one sip of coffee! That's how cold I was! They weren't homemade scones exactly but they were made at home and every bit as delicious! I used Sour Cream and Blueberry Scone Mix from King Arthur Flour. On the back of the box is a lemon glaze recipe which I also made. YUMMY! Tasted so good with my morning coffee!

Once they were done, I left the oven door open to heat up my kitchen! No sense in wasting all that warmth!

After I had my morning coffee I worked on completing some of my angels.

I worked out on my back porch because it warms up nicely with all the windows out there. It was a beautiful sunny day and I certainly welcomed the warmth!

All five of the rust colored angels are done....

Then I began working on an olive green angel prototype......

Soon enough I will begin working on Angels for Christmas! Speaking of Christmas, I was rather shocked last week when I ran into our local craft store and the Christmas "stuff" was already out. If you don't mind, I am going to take my jolly sweet time and enjoy FALL! I can't wait to make my first apple pie of the season this week! I'm really looking forward to some hot, mulled apple cider too!

The leaves are already beginning to fall but we do not have a lot of color yet. I can't wait to take a hike at peak foliage time! The woods just glow!.....and I love the smell! I LOVE FALL!  Don't you?