Saturday, September 12, 2015

Autumn Angels

I've been working on my inventory of angels again. I will begin my post by showing you my autumn inspired angels just so that I am seasonally correct. I am a little biased because I absolutely love everything about this time of year, especially the colors. I am, indeed, an autumn girl. So, my autumn angels are first! At the end I will post a few photos of my favorites that don't happen to be all dressed up for fall. But we won't hold that against them!

These are my Harvest Angels that I have done in the past. I am excited to begin using some other fall fabrics and lace to create some more of these for my shop. This is the kind of work that cannot be described as work because I derive way too much pleasure from creating them. They take quite a bit of time to make as you can well imagine but it is always worth it in the end.

Here you can see that the paper is stitched in a contrasting (rust/orange) color.

I have begun adding tulle bows to the curled wire hanger on all of my angel ornaments. Somehow, it just completes them plus I really love tulle. So it's a win win situation and I like their new look!

I love the metallic gold flecks in this particular fabric. It has a rich quality to it. I am happy to say that I was able to find some more fabric with the same metallic gold, though it is a larger print. I will begin using that fabric tomorrow on my new Harvest Angels.

These Harvest Angels do add a splash of fall color wherever they are hung. I have hung them on the door knob of my hutch, added them to wreaths, decorated wrapped loaves of pumpkin bread to give as gifts, etc....


This was a custom angel that I made in a pink and white color scheme and I decided to make two of them because they were so pretty. I hope I can find more of the pink rosette vertical trim because I plan to make a few more like her. She is so sweet and delicate looking.

She has a pale pink tulle bow on her hanger but it is a little difficult to see here. I love the pink paper rose in her halo.

I love this little angel too! Her hair reminds me of my hair when I crawl out of bed in the morning. Trust me when I say that the tousled hair looks much better on her than it does on me!

She has a sparkly tulle bow on her wire hanger. Her dress is embellished with a wide piece of very beautiful bridal lace. I need to get my hands on some more of that lace. It's so, so pretty!

She has a beaded hemline too and a little white flower!

This one is very sweet too! Simple but sweet.....sometimes less really is more!

These two have gold sparkly tulle bows! They'll never lose their sparkle!

.......and last but not least, my inspirational angel. Always believe.....

I have many more angels that I am working on but this post contains a few of my favorites. Did I mention how much joy I get from making these?


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