Friday, September 4, 2015

All This Talk of Pumpkins AND a Teacup & Mug Exchange

This morning I worked on an off white version of my pumpkin. (Yesterday's Pumpkin Post) I want to use pumpkins at all the place settings on Thanksgiving so I am trying to decide if I want all white or a combination of white and orange.....I think I may want to use both colors. I am trying some other colors as well. I have plenty of time to decide......

This particular pumpkin measures approximately 5.5" across at the widest point and is the perfect size to sit on a dinner plate. Including the stem it is about 4" high

I love this little pumpkin but something tells me that the male dinner guests may wonder why I have placed a white, lacy pumpkin at their place settings. My husband already questions why I make white, lacy placemats that I don't allow him to use......

I cut out the pieces for a couple more white pumpkins.

Then I decided to head out to my kitchen to bake.

All this talk about pumpkins had me obsessing about pumpkin bread. So I stopped cutting out fabric pumpkins and made some pumpkin bread! The recipe I used is the absolute best pumpkin bread recipe I have ever made and I have tried plenty, believe me!

The recipe can be found HERE in an older blog post of mine. This recipe does not call for cloves, but I usually add 1 tsp of cloves and  almost always double the measurements for the other spices. I love cinnamon and nutmeg!!! I have also added toppings, substituted olive oil for the oil (though this time I used canola), and used half brown sugar instead of all white sugar. I have even substituted whole wheat flour and it came out very good, a bit denser but still very flavorful. It seems to me that it may not have risen as high as usual but it did not affect the taste whatsoever.

Today I made it just as the recipe reads, except I added cloves. Not only did my house smell divine, it was mighty tasty too! I took a loaf out to my parents, tossed one in the freezer and the other one I cut into immediately after it had cooled. YUM!

While it was baking I played with my pumpkins.....again.

Maybe the solid orange pumpkins will be a good choice for the gentlemen at my dinner table.

Tomorrow I will stitch up some more. They are so much fun to make and embellish. They are very cute too!

Now I think I will go make myself a cup of tea and snack on a slice of pumpkin bread! I probably shouldn't snack at this hour but I'm going to anyways!

Are you doing anything special for the long holiday? Hope everyone has a nice weekend! Goodnight friends!

PS Before I forget.....

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 I would like to mention that Stephanie (The Enchanting Rose) is hosting the teacup/mug swap again. For more information, see the link on my sidebar or follow the link above to Stephanie's lovely blog and look for the link on her sidebar. The swap is a lot of fun, you don't have to have a blog to participate (although you do need to go to her blog and register) and it is such a nice way to make new friends! My teacup collection is growing and I love participating. Please head on over there and check it out!

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