Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sewing + Baking = Pretty + Yummy = Pretty Yummy!

Just when you thought you were finally free from mathematical equations and reducing equations to simplest form.....right? Well, throw everything you knew about math away because this is new math! It's easy, it's pretty and it's yummy!

It all started with two vintage lace placemats that I picked up in a bag of linens at a local antique shop.

They were not perfect but that is OK! (I will be stitching through the imperfections and the broken stitches will not show when they are done.)

 I took both of them and cut them the long way right down the middle. That's 2 pieces cut in half which gives me 4 pieces. (more math)

I then cut out 2 sets of rectangles from painter's dropcloth. You can choose the length and width of your choice or go with standard sizes. Because I was working around the length of the lace, I measured accordingly.

I then placed the lace on both sides of the front of my placemat and pinned in place.  I zig zagged the entire perimeter of the placemat because I wanted to prevent fraying. This type of fabric has a loose weave and can be a raveling nightmare so I always take the extra step and zig zag the edges.

Here you can see why I like to stitch around the edges.....BEFORE.....

And much easier to work with.

I placed the back of the placemat on top, right sides together and stitched all the way around except I left an opening at the bottom for turning it right side out. I trimmed the corners.

Next, I turned it right side out and prepared to top-stitch it. This is where ironing is very important!

Here we have a pair of completed placemats.

Look how pretty they look with a vintage napkin.......

or on a linen tablecloth!

With a plate of cookies! 

I actually stitched up the first placemat a few days ago. I sat down to stitch up the second one yesterday but I was fighting a severe craving for peanut butter cookies. Earlier in the morning I had seen peanut butter recipes all over the internet.  There was a recipe for buckeyes, buckeye brownies and buckeye cheesecake, and a peanut butter dip, etc....So what was I to do?

.......bake a batch of peanut butter cookies, of course! I melted some Baker's chocolate with some butter and drizzled a nice, chocolate glaze on top. Boy, were they good!

Now that's math I can live with! ....and my final answer is: PRETTY YUMMY!

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