Saturday, August 1, 2015

Love and Lace--Some Tidbits From the Past

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by an antique shop searching for small vintage doilies. I didn't find any doilies but I did score a beautiful, in new condition, crisp, white vintage sheet that was included in a bag of vintage pillowcases. It has a sweet crocheted edging at the top. Ironically I have been looking for a set of sheets and watching for them online but they have been pretty pricey. Considering I thought I paid $10 for a bag of 5 or 6 pillowcases but ended up with a sheet, I think I made out on the deal.

I also purchased 4 antique postcards, two of which were postmarked 1910. Their beauty attracted me to pick them up but the sentiments in the words written on the back sealed the deal. How could I leave such lovingly written words behind? The answer is quite simple. I couldn't! So they are now mine to treasure! Let's take a closer look.....

This was the first one I picked up. It was love at first sight! 

This one is also beautiful! There is rose colored fabric (maybe silk? I'm not sure) under the rose.

So sweet....

Very cute!

Postmarked Pennsylvania, 1910.

Postmarked Cambridge, MA 1910.

With best love....sigh....

My sheets and pillowcases with assorted lovely edgings, (sheets are 180 ct combed cotton) 

Let's take a better look at the edgings. These were just freshly washed and folded but not yet ironed so I apologize for the wrinkles.

The photo above is a full sized bed sheet! Lovely, crisp and bright white!

I am so happy with my latest purchase of vintage/antique treasures. I am so charmed by these little tidbits from the past.

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