Friday, July 31, 2015

Veggie Delight!

If you read yesterday's post, you know that I have been busy. This is what kept me busy yesterday afternoon. I went to a local farm about 20 minutes from my house and picked up a farm share that a very kind friend gave to me to use while she is on vacation. She will be gone for two weeks so I will go to pick up vegetables again next week and I cannot wait! Let me tell you why!

I LOVE VEGETABLES! It would be difficult to come up with a vegetable that I do not like. I guess eggplant would be my least favorite although I will eat it.... and it's a good thing because I have some in this pile of organic vegetables that took up 4 feet of counter space while I was washing them up. I could not believe how much stuff was packed into one box.

I immediately had my eye on that chard. I love greens and I knew that was destined for my dinner plate when I was done washing and scrubbing. Here you can also see pattypan squash, eggplant and peppers. there's more,......way more!

Yummy! Local, fresh carrots, leeks and more chard!

Red leaf lettuce, kale and parsley! Yes, there were some herbs!

As soon as the box was place in the car, I could smell basil and dill. It smelled so good driving home!

I haven't cooked kohlrabi before either but I have eaten it and it is very good!

All washed up and ready to use are  purple and yellow onion, tomatoes, cukes and peppers. I knew one of those tomatoes would be on my dinner plate too! There is nothing like a garden fresh tomato!

Leeks and potatoes, zucchini, patty pans, broccoli and green beans. I may be making some potato leek soup tonight! YUM!

My husband asked me what we were having for dinner. My suggestion was to have a completely vegetarian meal but that idea did not float his boat one little bit so we compromised and he cooked burgers on the grill and I cooked chad and cut up some veggies to go with my burger. I skipped the bun! Note the fresh basil on the fresh tomato! It was was the cuke and the chad was out of this world. I drizzled some apple cider vinegar on it. I ate the leftover chard for lunch today!


I don't have any experience cooking eggplants but I think I may make up a batch of eggplant lasagna and freeze it. I should research it first and make sure it's ok to freeze eggplant. Note the purple pepper at the top. I have never seen this variety of pepper before but my daughter assures me they are sweet and will turn green when cooked.

See that zucchini? there were 3 or 4 of them.....

...and since I have so many veggies to use up or store and very limited space, I decided at almost 8:00 pm last night to make a couple loaves of zucchini bread to use up some squash. It came out of the oven at 9:00 pm! I wrapped up a loaf and tossed it in the freezer and we cut into the other loaf! It was delicious! I had it with coffee this morning! YUM!

So yesterday was a rather long but productive day and it took two posts to tell you about it!

Are you a veggie lover? Do you purchase a farm share from a local farm? I am definitely purchasing a farm share from this organic farm next year! There is an option of purchasing a family share or half share. The box was all packed up for me when I arrived and a very nice young lady carried it out to the car for me. It was heavy!

So now I cannot wait to go again next Thursday! But until then, I have some food prep to do! I don't want to waste one little morsel of this veggie goodness!

PS Thank you Joanne!