Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lemon Cookies With a Twist

You may remember that fairly recently I made some lemon cookies that I absolutely loved. My previous post is HERE with links to the Enchanting Rose where I found the recipe.

I got to thinking about how good that cookie would taste as a thumbprint cookie filled with lemon filling and well.....I was right! they were delicious!

First I made some lemon pie filling from a box mix that I had on hand. Then using Stephanie's cookie recipe I baked the cookies just as I did before but this time as each tray came out of the oven I stuck my big ole thumb in the center to create a dent. Next I filled each cookie center with a small spoonful of warm lemon pudding. Once the pudding cooled,  I drizzled the top with a glaze made from confectioner's sugar, water and vanilla extract.

Very delicious,,,,

So I've been thinking again......what if I were to make a larger dent in the center, fill it with pie filling as I did here but top it with meringue and bake them just till slightly browned? I think it might just be the cutest little lemon meringue pie ever! They would make elegant little cookies for a party, bridal shower etc....stay tuned because you know I have to try it!
So there you have it.....a lemon cookie with a twist...a lemon twist! I must thank Stephanie again! 
Thank you Stephanie! I bet you didn't know just how inspiring a cookie recipe could be!

ps I am posting multiple posts because for the last couple of days I have been having trouble uploading photos to my blog but things seem to be operating better anyone else having trouble with photo uploads?