Saturday, June 20, 2015

Quick Stop Yields Vintage Treasures

Yesterday I had about twenty-five minutes before I had to be somewhere so I stopped briefly at an antique store in town. I mean, how much trouble could I possibly get into in such a short amount of time? Only $16.00 worth!

I purchased a fairly large collection of napkins, doilies, handkerchiefs and one large 60x84 tablecloth. 

The napkins are lovely. They were all neatly packaged in a zip lock baggie so it is always a surprise to go through and see what I got for $1.00. Yes..... that is one baggie bundle for a $1.00! I bought 5 baggies for $1.00 each and one baggie containing 4 mint condition napkins was marked $2.00.

There were multiple sets of four matching luncheon napkins. It's always a treat to get a set of four. I got a couple in this batch! When I got the the cash register, the very nice gentleman behind the counter, threw in a couple more for free! He calls me the "linen lady."

These handkerchiefs are so sweet....much nicer than many that I find. The three on the right are my favorites! They are so light and delicate!

These larger pieces are also quite beautiful! They were all in one baggie for $1.00!

 But this was my absolute favorite treasure because of it's pristine condition. It is an unbleached, natural hemp tablecloth, 60" X 84". I photographed it on the wrong side (which I just realized while writing this post)) It is gorgeous! It was only $9.00.

I washed them all last night and ironed them early this morning! I can't wait to place this treasure on my dining room table this afternoon. I love the color! It is slightly darker than it appears in this photo and it has a very warm, homespun appeal to it!

They are all folded neatly and sitting on my porch table at the moment. I just want to look at them before I put them away. I know..... it's a sickness....and I don't want a cure! 
Some I will keep, some will be used in future sewing projects. I already have some ideas!

Have a lovely weekend my friends!