Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Something Old, Something New Again!

Something totally magical happened as I was about to construct another tote bag from a painter's drop cloth the other day. When I say magical, I do not mean fairy dust and bip-a-dee bop-a-dee boo! Let me explain....

I did not have enough of the last drop cloth to cut out another bag so I began cutting into a new, much larger drop cloth. This is when I discovered that not all drop cloths are created equally even though both were labeled 10 oz cotton.

The canvas on the bottom was used to make the polka dot bag posted HERE. You can see that it is smoother and finer. The canvas on the top is "nubbier."

After this particular cloth was washed, dried and ironed it had a much heavier but softer feel to it, more nubby too, if you know what I mean and it looked very similar to the fabric used to make my husband's Revolutionary War reenactment clothing. AHA! This will work perfectly as a canvas to create a tote using my vintage linens and doilies!

See the "nubs?" LOL! 

It looks a bit like a vintage collage on a tote bag! This took me two days to construct because I could not decide how to lay it all out. I didn't want it to be symmetrical or perfect and it's really hard to purposely create imperfection! Oddly enough, there are times when I am looking for perfection and it can be totally elusive! For this project I was looking for what I call "perfect imperfection'........and it was not easy folks! I think I eventually arrived at the look I was going for.....

The texture of this fabric is wonderful! I can see a million different projects ahead of me.....ok, well maybe not quite a million! My point is that I have found material with project potential!!!!

This may well be my new favorite bag! Mixing whites, with creams and ecru....well what could be more up my alley? If you follow me regularly, you know that I love these colors and they blend effortlessly to create an accessory that could easily be used with an outfit of any these colors! Throw some vintage lace, hand crocheted doilies and embroidered linens into the pot and you have one very happy creator!

Here are some close ups of the details!  The pockets were added purely for looks though two of the three pockets are partially functional. The third is sewn closed with a doily over it. Inside is generous pocket space!

See the texture....

This is the pocket that is sewn shut. Here is the back side....

The back side is accented only by the other half of a vintage, embroidered linen luncheon napkin that was used on the front. Which brings me to the inside! I love, love the inside!

To line the bag, I wanted to use vintage fabric but the prints I had did not look right. The lining also had to be lightweight because the main fabric is on the heavier side and let's face it, who wants to carry around anymore weight than we have to with a tote? Another AHA moment!

Remember that stack of vintage pillowcases I purchased? 

I deconstructed two beautiful vintage percale pillowcases and removed the lace edging. Then I cut the lining pieces from the opened up pillow cases. I sewed in a pocket that runs the width of the bag (but I used a fleece interfacing on the pocket for some sturdiness) I then edged the pocket with the lace edging.

This is not exactly the best photo of the inside of the bag but you can see the edging  and the pocket. I divided the pocket into two smaller pockets on each side of a larger center pocket. 
It looked exactly as I imagined and while I was ironing it, it smelled like it had just come off the clothesline as they had been recently laundered! Aromatherapy too!

So my reluctance to cut into more of my stash of beautiful vintage linens has been made easier by finding just the right background for such projects. (that's the magic!) This fabric would make gorgeous throw pillows, ruffled tablecloths, curtains and bedspreads, table linens.

 For grins and giggles I placed the drop cloth on my bed (which is only a full-sized bed) and the width was perfect. The length was a bit too long but with a hem it would be perfect. I am imagining ruffles....lots of ruffles! 

Definitely a perfect fabric for cottage, beachy, shabby-chic and many other styles of decor! It makes me want to run out to my favorite antique shop looking for just the right linens for another project--not that I don't have enough linens already!

Have a lovely day friends and thanks for visiting!

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