Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Couple of Shout Outs

Shout out #1.) Sunday morning I baked these delicious lemon cookies to bring to a friend! I tend to gravitate toward lemon desserts anyways so I knew I would love them but....my husband on the other hand.... tends to base his dessert choices on how many pounds of chocolate chips are in them! So I was absolutely dumbfounded when he said, "these cookies are really good!"

My plate of lemon cookies went from this....

 to this in a very short time!

The lemon flavor is not overpowering and the confectioner's sugar lends a tad of sweetness. But the texture is amazing and when you bite into the cookie it is so nice and chewy! I am making these again on the weekend! My friend liked them and she said she had them for breakfast the next day! LOL! ,,,,the breakfast of champions, who knew?

I found the recipe on my friend Stephanie's Blog The Enchanting Rose . Stephanie's cookies came out prettier than mine. I was multitasking and did not keep a close enough eye on them. Some of mine got slightly browned. Stephanie's were perfect!  You can see for yourself by clicking on the link provided above. The recipe is worth taking down and easier than you might think! At any rate, these cookies are quite tasty, definitely delicious with tea and they are a wonderful addition to my cookie recipe collection. Thank you Stephanie!

By the way, Stephanie's talents are not limited to baking.....so you will want to spend some time on her blog checking out her other talents!

Shout out #2.) 

I recently ordered this sweet little recipe box from my fellow blogging friend Celestina's Etsy Shop. Celestina blogs at Southern DayDreams

The package was wrapped so delightfully! It was a joy to open!

Here's a closer look. Isn't it the cutest thing! 
While you are checking out her blog, be sure to visit her beautiful ETSY shop. You will find the link on her sidebar. She has quite the inventory of shabby-chic, cottage style and French country styled items! Her designs are just lovely!......and look at her business and enclosure cards!

I told my husband that I wanted to paint my entire house pink and fill it with Celestina's Designs! He gave me a nervous chuckle....well, it wasn't a NO!!!!! 

Thank you Celestina!  I love this little treasure!

Just as I am wrapping up this post, the sun has decided to try and make an appearance....oh, it's out after two days of rain! Wishing the same for my friends in Texas! Have a lovely evening friends!