Monday, June 15, 2015

A Day in Another Century

It was a beautiful weekend! The weather was perfect with just the perfect mix of sun, breeze, blue skies and temperature! It was the kind of day that I wish we could have for six months out of the year--at least!

I did not touch a sewing machine all weekend! We spent much time outdoors enjoying the spectacular spring weather. We drove about two hours to Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA (Click here to visit their website) and visited an 1830's living history museum. We have been there a few times over the years with and without kids, in fact it was one of my first dates with my husband about 33 or 34 years ago.

Working in the garden.....

Since we have visited the village a few times before, we did not go into every building. Instead we walked around outside, enjoyed the beautiful trails and took in the lovely landscapes.

The fenced in fields were beautiful lush and green! Every time I came upon a fence I thought of my dear blogging friends who participate in the FENCES photograph party every week. There were many fences, and many types of fences in the village and all were so charming in their own way.

I have always been fascinated by these zig zag fences. The sheep grazing in the field don't even seem to notice me, They chose to graze in the shady part of the field. There were times I needed to find some shade too as the afternoon sun was very hot!

Walking along one of the trails we came upon this covered bridge.

It was so quiet. I was surprised that we did not run into more people along this trail.

The mills were all so pretty and all working. We did go inside all three of the mills. (sawmill, grist mill and carding mill)

I took many, many photos. Way too many to show here, but the following photos are scenes that I could easily see myself in....

In one of the houses was this chair. Please note the knitting project in the chair and the teacup on the side table. This could have been MY chair had I lived in the 19th century!

Spinning and weaving! Yes this would be my craft room!

This is where they demonstrated the dyeing process. It was really interesting and the colors were beautiful! It was a little too warm for comfort standing near the fire though.

This little room was cozy and charming.  I could imagine myself reading in here next to a crackling fire.....sipping tea of course.

I loved the large table! I would confiscate that for my craft/sewing table! 

Here is one of the dining rooms. It was quite comfortable and the dishes and table linens were pretty. It seemed quite a bit more modern than I was expecting.

 This pretty little quilt was hanging on a stairwell in one of the houses.

We loved our visit to Old Sturbridge Village. As we were heading out, a couple of sheep beckoned us with a couple of very loud BAAAAAAAAA's!

We turned around to see two lonely rams! No one was visiting with them so we went over and gave them a couple of good ear scratches, pats on the head and some kind words.

This guy in the back wanted his fair share of attention too! He decided to try and win me over with some harmless flirtation.....

It worked! How cute is that? He is smiling for the camera!

How do you leave a face like that?  We said good-bye to them and as we left I am fairly certain that I heard, "come baaaaaaaaaack!"  I said good-bye again and we left. Such a nice day! We thoroughly enjoyed our step back in time!

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