Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nautical or Not?

 Today I completed a tote bag constructed from painter's dropcloth. (100% cotton) I love this fabric and I love sewing with it! It does require a bit of preparation though such as washing, drying and ironing. Then I zig zag all pieces cut from the fabric to prevent freying because this stuff really freys after cutting.

This tote has a divided pocket in the front (blue and white polka dot) and inside is a canvas pocket that is also divided and a bit deeper.

Here is the back view. Looks like your classic canvas tote from the back! The polka dot lining jazzes it up a bit and lends a subtle nautical touch in the event one isn't in to anchors.

Maybe on the next tote I stitch up I will stencil or embroider an anchor on it. Anchors and everything nautical seems to be trending right now..... I can take or leave the anchors that are on so many clothing, accessories and household items.  My daughter, for instance, has everything nautical including her dorm room decor, clothing, jewelry etc. Then again, she lives by the ocean....

It looks pretty cute just hanging on the porch or sitting on a chair!!

Completing this tote crosses one thing off my to do list today but sigh....I have many more things to cross off my to do list before I go to sleep--like dinner....What's for dinner? I don't have the foggiest idea! I am off to dream up something delicious for dinner! Thank you for dropping by!

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