Monday, June 1, 2015

A Little Color Therapy

Hello friends! It's June! Tra la!!!!........ But sigh, I had to turn on my heat today.  It's been pouring (not complaining, we need the rain) and downright cold in the house (now I'm complaining) and I finally gave in and turned on the heat just enough to take the chill off. Then I did a bit of sewing.

First, I cut out a pair of jammies for me! The fabric shown above, has been sitting on my shelf for over a year and I have been dreaming of making myself a pair of comfy pj's out of it. It's a cream colored, cotton waffle knit which happens to be one of my favorite fabrics to lounge in. I finally managed to cut them out today and I cannot wait to stitch them up! Hopefully you will see them soon!

Then I cut out and stitched two pairs of zippered cosmetic bundles: one set for a gift, another to be packaged up with an etsy order. The colors were so cheerful!

This pair will ship with this batik tote bag that was purchased from my etsy shop.

I felt warmer and more cheerful after working with these colors! The flower is mine but it just looked so pretty sitting on the fabric so I used it for a prop! Nothing like a much needed pop of color to brighten up my day! Color therapy really works!......and as I am typing away I am realizing my hands are like ice and I am actually shivering! So I will be leaving you now for a rendezvous with my thermostat!

Goodbye my friends! Thank you so much for your visit!